Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Christmas present, 3 months early

Do you remember when video cameras used to look like this 20 or so years ago?? One of my best friends growing up had a video camera like this that carried VHS tapes. This thing was huge and bulky to carry around. I realize that they still have cameras this big and even bigger for movies, but personal video cameras have changed quite a bit.

Meet my new video camera (which also happens to be my Christmas present that I got a bit early so we could take it to Disneyland with us).
It's the size of a cell phone, and there are no tapes involved. There's a tiny chip that is placed on the side that stores all of my videos. I love modern technology! If there's one piece of electronic equipment that I don't mind spending money on, it's cameras. Pictures of my kids are important to me, because that is what I will have left to look at when I'm old and gray and missing my tiny ones. But anyway, it also takes still camera shots, but as you can tell from my previous posts with blurry pictures, it doesn't take the best pictures. In fact, seeing blurry pictures now is like someone screeching their nails across a chalk board (SO ANNOYING) to me. I'm used to my nice Nikon camera and its perfectly clear pictures, but unfortunately I can't lug that thing with me everywhere because it's huge. So this will be a nice substitution for now, until I can get a video camera and a still camera in one that has awesome pictures and video. This thing takes awesome videos, and it's even water proof for all those times I will be scuba diving in the Great Salt Lake. That was a joke. Won't be doing that anytime soon, but it might be fun to take under water next year when Hannah really learns to swim well.

I wanted to test out my new camera, so here are a couple of videos of the girls.

Why don't babies ever do what you want them to do on camera? Oh well, they're still adorable.