Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little Miss Independent

Hannah has become Miss Independent lately. Those of you who said that she would eventually become picky with her food were right. Every night during dinner she has to eat her food with an adult fork, like Scott and me, and only eats things that don't have a weird texture. Some of the only veggies she will eat are green beans, corn (not really a veggie), and occasionally squash. She also always has to feed herself, usually with a fork or a spoon. In the morning when she eats her oatmeal, she tries to feed herself with her spoon and usually gets it all over the place. She is getting better and better at it, which is good for us, but it's hard to let her do it because she gets food everywhere. Another thing she likes to do by herself is blow bubbles. I have a bottle of bubbles that I used to blow with her, and now she has to blow the bubbles herself. She usually gets the bubble juice (soap) all over the place and puts the wand in her mouth. I want her to be independent, but it gets hard when she can't do things without making a huge mess. She also enjoys brushing her teeth and hair, coloring, and holding books by herself, but luckily lets us help her with these occasionally.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! We went to Hollie's house this year for Thanksgiving and had a delicious meal!!! I love Thanksgiving because I can eat as much as I want, and I love ALL of the food that is prepared. Jarin's family was also over at Hollie's house and they decided to go see a movie after we ate. We decided not to go because we didn't think Hannah would be able to handle a whole movie, and it would have probably been a waste of money for us. However, I have always wanted to go to a movie on a holiday and have never had the opportunity. Hopefully when our kids are older or if we can find a babysitter in the future, we can go to a movie on Thanksgiving or Christmas. On our way home from Hollie's, Scott and I picked up a pie and some ice cream for us to share, which was delicious as well. I think I ate too much, though, because I felt really sick for the rest of the night. It was a great Thanksgiving, and we are grateful that we got to spend the day with the Stevens.

Here is a video of Hannah walking with her walker for you, Mom.

Monday, November 19, 2007

This Past Week....

Well I apologize that I haven't been writing much lately. I've got to be honest, I don't know how much longer this whole blogging thing is going to last. I love doing it, but sometimes I really just have nothing to blog about. The main point of this blog was to show Hannah's progress to family and friends, so I will, of course, continue to blog as often as possible for you guys. This past week Hannah has gotten a lot better at walking with her walker. She almost runs with it....I guess it is possible that she will be walking by Christmas. This past week I've also been working on a few projects. I've been trying to redecorate Hannah's I've been doing a little painting and crafting. The only problem with this is that I'm not very crafty, so when I make things they always turn out looking worse than I had hoped. I've also been working on some things that I will try to sell on Ebay. I'll let you all know how that goes if it works out for us. This past week Scott and I sold a couple of Wiis and a few other electronic devices. This Ebay thing can get kind of addicting. Anyway, so I hope the things I am working on now will also sell, because I am making them by hand and they take a lot of time. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday to Jake.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Videos

Here are three new videos of Hannah. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More Rash...

These next two weeks are going to be difficult for me, because I have to finish my Independent Study class next week in order to graduate in December (and I still have a lot to do in it). So, I apologize if there aren't too many blogs or if they are short like this one will be. I thought I would do another Hannah update since nothing else is really going on. Her rash is getting worse, so I called the doctor yesterday and he told me to put Neosporine on it. It actually looks worse today and has spread to her cheeks. It makes me sad because she has such a pretty face that is getting swallowed up in a nasty rash. The doctor said if this doesn't work, he will prescribe us some antibiotics. Other than that, things have been great with her (although she gets into EVERYTHING.....our house constantly looks like a tornado hit). She is starting to walk while pushing a baby walker, but very carefully. She also loves to point to things when I name them. I'm trying to teach her numbers and shapes, and sometimes she points to the right ones, sometimes she doesn't.

Here's a picture of her rash. I think you'll be able to see it this time.