Monday, October 30, 2006

Hannah has been doing very well lately.
Her belly button chord fell off yesterday (hence the picture of her belly) and we went to her two week checkup on Friday. She weighed 8lbs 10 oz. She is a little above 50th percentile in weight, height, and head size. She did very well at the doctor's visit. She really likes being naked while lying on her back. She actually usually enjoys getting her diaper changed, which was good because she had a huge blow out at the doctor's office. However, she didn't like it when the nurse pricked her foot for her PKU (I think that's what it is called) test. She screamed and it was very sad for me to watch but luckily Grandma Julia held her while it was happening. Speaking of Grandma Julia, we are so grateful to her for all that she did for us in the past week. She left right after the doctor's appointment on Friday and I know Hannah misses her already:) I think Scott already wrote something about Grandma D but we are also extremely grateful to her for all that she did for us as well. It has been different not having anyone here to help me during the day. I have to get used to spending my time wisely. Hannah does not sleep very much in the mornings so when she does, I have to try to get as much done as possible. I usually don't have time to get my hair or makeup done until Scott gets home, which by then there is really no point in trying to get ready. I am excited for the day that Hannah will let me put her down without screaming. For now though, I really don't want her to grow up. She is so sweet. I was just staring at her the other day while I was feeding her and my eyes swelled up with tears because I love her so much. Although life is going to be hard for the next couple of years and I wish I would have finished school before she came because I honestly don't know how I am going to do it, I am so grateful to have Hannah in my life and I know that everything will work out.
Obviously, I have posted some more pictures of her. We have a lot of pictures of her on her changing table because that is when she is the happiest. The picture of us together is our first family picture. Unfortunately we didn't get any in the hospital. Once again, I hope everyone is doing well and we will take more pictures tomorrow for Halloween and post them sometime this week.

P.S. Mom- Scott ate about 4 helpings of shrimp. I'm not sure how many shrimp come in one helping but it made me sick to watch him eat that much.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here are a few more pictures of our sweet little girl. The one of her in a dress was her first visit to church. We only stayed for Sacrament and she did pretty good until the end. The picture of her in a bear outfit was our very first outing (besides the doctor's). We went to Red Lobster for the endless shrimp fest with Scott's mom, Scott's aunt, and our friends Dennis and Jenny. She slept the entire time. Anyway, Scott needs the computer for his classes so I will post more later but I hope everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today we took Hannah for her first walk, and she enjoyed it very much. The pictures are of her right before we left and another was during. As soon as we put her in her car seat, she fell right asleep, and slept the whole time. She is doing very well. She goes to the doctor tomorrow for her check up. She also likes to eat, a lot, just ask Maran. She doesn't like to sleep at night though, unless it is in someone's arms. Whenever we put her down, she will wake back up in 15 minutes, until we hold her. Maran usually will just feed her and then let her sleep on the Boppy which makes sleeping for her uncomfortable. Maran is also doing better. She went to the doctor yesterday, and today she woke up with a lot less swelling. She went on the walk with us, which was really good. The doctor also refilled her Percoset, which I think she enjoyed.
Donna also left this morning, and it was such a blessing to have her here. She helped out SO much, with taking Hannah, cleaning, taking care of Maran, way more than we could have asked for. We are sad to see her go. My mom left for Utah this morning, and should be here tonight.
One more thing, in one of the pictures above, you will see Hannah sleeping with the vaccuum next to her. You can't tell, but the vaccuum is turned on. It was a trick that Donna showed us. When she is fussy we will turn on the vaccuum or stand next to the dryer, and it calms her down. We hope you are all doing well, and we appreciate everything.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ok, so we added more pictures, just scroll below to see them. Hannah is doing very well since being home. She likes to sleep, which we are happy about, but only when she is being held, which has made night time a little rough. She is also eating well, and getting a good supply of milk, which she seems to want a lot. Maran is still in a little pain, it is hard for her to move around, but we hope that everyday it gets a little better. If anything more exciting happens, we will be sure to post.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just wanted to show you one more picture. The top one is of me (Scott) and the bottom one is of Hannah. She is definitely my daughter. To see a picture they took at the hospital go to, click on web nursery, and then find her by name and birthdate. She looks very chubby in this picture. She has lost almost a pound since this picture was taken.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I added some more pictures below. I left the camera at the hospital, so we will add more later. As an update, Hannah is doing well. She is eating a lot better, which we are grateful for. Maran though, still is in pain. She has swelled up, but we are hoping to be able to come home tomorrow. You can email me if you want to ask anymore questions.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well, we are writing with great news. Hannah is here! As Maran said in the last post, on Monday morning she woke up with contractions and when she went in for her appointment, they stripped her membranes again. Because she was not dilated more, we both thought that nothing would happen until Thursday when they would induce her. That night the contractions started to get worse, and painful for here. She didn't won't to go in, but at about 12:30, we decided to go to the doctor, but we both thought that we would just go in so that she could get a shot for the pain. Donna was very excited and had more faith than the two of us, and came with us. We went in, and they told her that she was still dilated the same, but that they would keep her in there for an hour to see what happened because the contractions were coming about every five minutes. Again, we both thought she would be sent home, but to our surprise, an hour later, she was at a 2 and a half. They told her that they would admit her, and that they would give her an epidural.
We were all very excited. The epidural was a little painful, he missed the first time, and he was not very nice. We later found out as the pain was still intense for Maran, that the epidural didn't take, so she still felt her contractions and every time they checked her cervix. Someone else came in, and re-did it, and that time it worked, which we were grateful for.
At 11:45, the doctor checked Maran, and she was at about a 5. Later that afternoon, they broke the water, and then we just waited. She eventually got to a 6, but no real progress was made. The nurse came in and said that we could wait one more hour, but we needed to think about a C-Section. We had both already talked about it, and we were ok with it, but Maran really wanted to wait that extra hour and try it. At about 5 Dr. Dayton came in and told us that the babies head most likely was not going to make it past Maran's pelvis, because it was too small. If you want anymore information on that particular subject, ask Kerrie and Jake, because Allie was born the same way because of the same thing. We told him that we were ready for a C-Section, and Maran was so great. I just wanted to tell you all how great and brave she is. She has been so uncomfortable during pregnancy and she did not complain. She also was in a lot of pain while she was in labor, but she was amazing. The C-Section went great and at 5:29 PM on October 10, our little Hannah came to be with us. She is a big girl. 8 pound, 8 ounces. She is beautiful. Brown hair, blue eyes, and olive skin. She does though, look like I did when I was a baby. She also got my long toes. She is healthy, and not very fussy, but she does not like to drink milk from her mom, which seems like it is common, so we are not as worried about it. I will post some pictures, and I will write more as we get time.
I did also want to thank everyone. The prayers that were offered by our family and friends were felt and we were very touched to know that you were thinking of Maran and Hannah and were concerned for them. We love you all.

Monday, October 09, 2006

So I am now 4 days past my due date and I thought I would just post something for those who check this that I haven't talked to. The doctor has now stripped my membranes twice and I started having contractions at 6:00 this morning (and boy are they painful). However, they aren't happening as often as they need to be in order for me to go to the hospital and the doctor told me today that I am dilated to a little over a 1, so my cervix isn't ready either. We have an induction scheduled for Thrusday morning if she doesn't come out in the next couple of days. We are hoping that tomorrow is the day though. I hope everyone is doing well and the next time we post should be pictures of our sweet little baby.