Saturday, February 06, 2010

Before and After

I had a big debate in my head whether or not I would post this, but I'm going to. I don't particularly enjoy posting pictures of myself on my blog. As you can see, 90% of our pictures are of the girls, but I suppose this post will be about me. Back in October, some of you may remember a post that I wrote where I was frustrated with my weight. It had only been 2 months after the girls were born, but I was sick of wearing my maternity clothes. So I did something about it. I joined the gym, which is something I've never done before, and I started to eat completely healthy/ lower calorie items. I told myself that I would work out until I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, which I did this week. I'm darn proud of myself because I've never done anything like this before (except for once in college I tried to lose weight and somehow ended up gaining weight). I was really motivated, which I haven't been much of as far as working out goes.

So, here's me a few weeks before the girls were due. I gained 53 pounds. Yikes. I was huge and people were constantly staring at me. I knew it was ridiculous that I was embarrassed because I was having twins, but people looked at me as if I was some sort of a freak everywhere I went. I even had people ask me if I was having twins and people tell me that I was big. Duh. You don't need to tell me, peeps. I'm not blind.

So then I had my beautiful babies and lost around 30 pounds within the first 6 weeks. This is what I looked like in October. It was frustrating because I just wanted to look like my old self again. Around October 22nd, I started eating healthy and going to the gym 3 times a week. I started off losing weight rather quickly. I lost 15 lbs by December. Unfortunately in December I ate like a little pig, though, and ended up gaining 3 of it back. Seriously, Christmas week my diet consisted of chocolate and anything with globs of fat on it. It was very enjoyable.
So the month of January I told myself that I would go to the gym 4 nights a weeks to get off those last few pounds. I've lost around 7 pounds since Christmas, and I'm back to my normal weight. In total since October, I've lost around 19 pounds.

To be honest, I'd still love to lose 10 more pounds. I didn't particularly love my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am satisfied for now. If only I could get rid of that spare tire of deflated skin around my belly, I'd be a bit happier. Anyway, I will finish out the month at the gym and then I am taking a two month break. I am physically and mentally exhausted and I have to use all of my strength to get myself to go to the gym every night. I desperately need a break, and my apartment could use a good scrubbing too. And I'm sick of turkey.