Sunday, June 21, 2009

Liberty Land

I feel like I haven't posted about anything that we've been doing lately, mostly just because I've been posting a lot about the babies. I've been trying to do as much as I can with Hannah these last few weeks because I realize that this is the last time that she will get alone time with Scott and me. It makes me really sad for her but also happy that she will be able to share a lot of these fun times with little sisters. I know that I am going to miss this time that I've had with her as well, because she will probably never get this same amount of attention from me again. So I've been making the most of the time that we've had together. Here are some things that we've done over the last few weeks: gone to a museum, petting zoo, numerous parks and playgrounds, swimming, took her to see the movie "Up," and have had numerous tea parties with chocolate milk and picnics out in our front yard. Yesterday I wanted to do something really fun because Scott had the weekend off of school and homework, so we went to a place called Liberty Land. It's such a fun place for little kids! I became the designated picture taker because I couldn't go on any of the rides, but I had so much fun just watching Hannah have fun with her dad. At this place they have

race cars,

a rock climbing wall,

a high tower ride,

a cute little girl,

an airplane ride,

a train ride,

a froggy ride (Hannah's favorite. She rode it about 8 times) ( P.S. Please blow up this picture of's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.),

bounce houses and a play place,

bumper boats,

a merry-go-round,

and much more which I didn't get pictures of. Unfortunately their roller coaster was closed for the day, which happens to be the funnest ride there. We've been to this place twice now, and both times there were not many kids there. As you can see from the pictures, Hannah and Scott are the only ones on each ride. It's kind of funny because the worker pretty much followed us around to whatever ride we wanted to go on and let us on. I don't understand why more people don't go to this place; Hannah loved it! I'm afraid it's going to go out of business soon, so I'm glad that we got to go.

Finally, I just have to say Happy Father's Day to my dad and to Scott's dad. You guys are both wonderful fathers and grandpas. We are grateful for you both and love you both very much.

And Happy Father's Day to my husband, who I truly believe to be one of the best fathers out there. Hannah and I love you dearly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gettin' Close

Honestly, I can't believe that I have gone from this

to this....

in 5 months. And I also can't BELIEVE that I'm posting this picture of me. Oh well. I want you all to know that this will be the LAST TIME I post a picture of myself before these babies are born so soak it up my friends, soak it up. These "lovely lady humps" are signing off, so if you'd like to see more in the weeks to come, I'd be happy to email a picture to you.

I can't believe I only have 6 more weeks to go. This pregnancy has actually gone by really fast for me. Starting next week I will have two appointments a week until these babies are born. The first appointment is done at the hospital, where they perform a non-stress test on the babies. It's a test that basically monitors their heart rates, their amniotic fluids, and my contractions for about a half hour. Then I will have my regular doctor's appointments and I believe the next time I go they will check my dilation. Oooooo, this makes me nervous. Sure my body is ready to have them. I think my skin has about stretched to its limit and I'm starting to have some painful contractions at night that usually last about a minute. However, I don't know if I'll ever be mentally ready to have them. To be honest, I'm scared to death of taking care of two babies at once but I'm really excited too. Anyway, my hubby needs the computer, but just know that hopefully the next time you see me in a picture, it will be of me holding my little cuties!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here are a few videos from over the past few weeks. Nothing too exciting but I haven't posted a video in awhile so I figured I would.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Random Thoughts

This post isn't going to have any cute pictures in it or anything but I figured I'd blog about what's been on my mind lately. Today's topic: Electronics. I have a love/hate relationship with electronic equipment. First let me tell you why I hate electronic equipment. The first reason is because I feel like this digital world has taken over all of us and it bugs me. It bugs me when people are constantly talking on their cell phones or texting others. It bugs me when people neglect other responsibilities to be on the internet all day long. Come on, I'm sure a lot of us have spent hours on the internet searching facebook, twitter, youtube, or blog stalking, hence the reason for the video at the beginning of this post (P.S., Conan O'Brien is hilarious). It bugs me that some people are addicted to video games and television. I hate it when I'm trying to have a conversation with my husband and he is distracted by the internet or by someone else texting him. Yes, I've done it to him as well and also to my daughter. I am guilty of all of these things that I just named off. Sometimes I wish that I lived in a simpler world where there were no such things as cell phones, television, and internet- a world where kids used to get out and play and use their imaginations.

As much as I hate technology, I also love it. We are guilty of having a big screen TV, an Xbox, cell phones, a lap top and a desk top, a digital camera, and even a digital picture frame. I am grateful to have a cell phone so that I can get a hold of my husband whenever I need to. I am grateful for the internet, which has helped me keep in touch with old friends and has answered many questions for me in the past when I needed a quick answer to something or a quick recipe or directions somewhere. I love reading others blogs or getting a quick email from a friend or family member. I also love to veg in front of the television at night after a long day. I love watching movies with my husband and I've loved playing video games with him in the past. Many lives have been saved because of digital technology and I am grateful for that. I don't really know if I could ever go back, knowing what I know now about technology, to a simpler time.

And now I'm switching back to the second reason I hate technology, the real purpose of the post....

Dealing with people's addictions to technology is annoying, but here's the real reason I hate electronic equipment: it's expensive and it breaks easily. Maybe Scott and I have just had bad luck, but it seems like a lot of people have had trouble with electrical equipment. In the five years that we've been married, we've had a somewhat new computer go bad on us (so we've now had two computers), we've had to take our DVD player in for repair twice, we had to exchange our TV because it was making a loud popping noise, we've had a car adapter almost start on fire on us, we've had to buy a fan for our lap top because it over heats, and we've had many DVDs scratched so badly that we've had to throw them away (and I really don't know how they got scratched). Ok, that list doesn't look very long, but if feels like we are constantly having technical difficulties and each time that we do, I end up wanting to chuck the object at the teeth of the person who made it.

You all know that we recently bought that '05 Dodge Caravan. I actually really like the van, but not two days after we bought it the power locks went out. We did some research about this and I guess a lot of '05 Dodge Caravans have had this same problem and there was nothing that anyone could do about it (and if there is, it would be really expensive). It wouldn't be that big of a deal if every door on the van had a key hole, but they decided to make the van so that only the driver's door has a key whole. This is going to be somewhat difficult with three children and a two year old who could run in the street at any moment while I'm trying to manually unlock all of the doors on the van.

Then this morning my husband tried to turn on the TV and there was nothing. The TV will not turn on at all. No lights, no sounds. We just bought this TV a year ago in February, which means the one year warranty is no longer valid. What I'd really like to do is take that TV and smash it to bits, but I've contained myself. My husband wanted a flat screen TV so badly and we finally used all of our tax return money to buy it last year, and now it doesn't work anymore. I could see the devastation on his face after he tried everything to get it to turn on this morning, and it broke my little heart. We really can't buy a new one right now with these babies on the way and getting it repaired is almost just as expensive. I started to make peace with the fact that I'd just have to watch some of my favorite shows online, a day after they've aired, and at least we still have our lap top so we could still watch movies. After all, it's really not the end of the world if we don't have a television. And then tonight my husband came up with a brilliant solution. We bought this TV with our credit card for this exact purpose. Our credit card will match a warranty (meaning if our TV was under warranty for a year, it would match that one year, making it under warranty for two years) if we purchased the item with that credit card, which we did. Our credit card company might just bail us out of this little pickle and either repair our TV for us or give us money to get a new one. I knew credit card companies were good for something!!! Please guys, bail us out and make me have a love for electronic equipment again because right now, I'm feeling pretty much against it.