Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks with family in town. First we had Scott's dad here for Hannah's birthday and then we had the rest of both of our families here for the babies' blessings. We miss family a lot sometimes, so it was nice to see everyone.

It's become our tradition to go to Hee Haw Farms every October, and this year was no different. We took Hannah and the girls to this little place and loved every minute of it.

Above is Hannah, Grandpa Sprague, and Brynn

Hannah has grown quite a bit since last year

This past Sunday we blessed the babies in church. Let me just tell you that there's nothing hotter to me than my husband giving our children blessings. I'm not much of a crier, but I couldn't stop the tears from coming as my husband took both of our girls in his arms and gave them both very sweet blessings.

Here's our family at the luncheon afterward.

I really wanted to crop the above picture (actually, I'd really like to crop myself out of this I've made clear in a previous post, I'm grossed out with the 15 lbs that I still need to lose) but my husband just put Windows 7 on our computer which wiped away my program that crops pictures. Oh well. This is me, my mom, and my three sisters with the babies. This was pretty much the only picture I got of anyone at the luncheon. We had a lot of family there but I'm lame and didn't get pictures of anyone else.

Beautiful blue-eyed cousins

I tried to get a good picture of the girls in their blessing dresses, but this was probably the best one I got. Bailey was not a happy camper.

Thanks to those of you who came out for the blessings. We really appreciated it and loved seeing all of you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today my baby turned THREE years old. I can't believe it. Time has just flown by. I swear just yesterday she was a baby, and now she's a sassy little three year old. Today she had her first birthday party with friends and I think she really loved it. I let her pick out the theme- The Little Mermaid. I was surprised considering the fact that she is in love with Barbies right now, but I think she chose The Little Mermaid because she had just watched the movie that morning. We had 7 of her friends come over and we ate pizza and played "Pin the Flower on the Ariel" and had a pinata FULL of candy. Here are some pictures of the party.

The table decorations

The cake- totally turned out lopsided and my cake decorating kit broke on me in the middle of it. Let's just say that I was really frustrated last night. Oh well, at least Hannah liked it.

The birthday girl

Getting ready to blow out the candles

The kids playing with balloons

Opening presents

All of her candy from the pinata

Her friends (minus 2 of them who were late because they got lost) eating pizza
Here are a couple of videos from her party.

P.S. That pinata was a bear to bust open. Scott actually ended up doing it because none of the kids could.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Say Cheese!!!

I love these girls!

Poor Brynn

So, who do you think looks more like Hannah?

This is what Hannah looked like at the same age that they are. I don't know. She doesn't really look like either of them to me. She had no hair. I can definitely see Bailey in her with that round face and chubby cheeks but I think that she and Brynn have similar noses.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I am 95% sure that Brynn is going to have brown eyes. They are extremely dark and I can even see dark golden flecks in them. Although I LOVE blue eyes, I am excited to have one child with my brown eyes. I'm still not sure about Bailey's. They could go either way at this point.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Here I am 2 months after having my twins and I'm still a good 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I was hoping that breastfeeding twins would help me lose all the weight quickly but it looks like that isn't happening. I HATE the stage that I'm in right now because I can't fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I think I have one pair of jeans that I'm able to squeeze my hips into but my disgusting belly hangs over them. I can't fit into hardly any of my shirts either. So where does that leave me? Yeah, I'm still wearing some of my maternity stuff and I HATE IT!. The maternity pants fall off of me because they're too big. So I'm in this sick in between stage where my maternity clothes are too big but my regular clothes are too small. I don't want to go out and buy new clothes (which would then be called my "fat clothes") because I am hoping to lose all of the weight.

To speed this process up, I decided to get a gym pass. I've never had my own gym pass before (although I have been to gyms many times). Tonight I went to the gym for the first time in years and realized that I am SO out of shape. And I also realized something....I hate exercising. My legs are burning, my knees feel like they're about to crack, and I start to get a cramp in my stomach. I always feel good afterward but when I'm actually doing it, I just can't wait to stop. Back in high school I ran track my Sophomore year. I remember it being really hard at first but then I grew to love running as the semester went on. I certainly hope that's the case here too.

I took a picture the other day and thought about posting it as my "before" picture, but I was just too disgusted with it. Hopefully I will lose all of my weight and then I can post a before and after picture (although I'm sure I'll post a picture of myself on here when the babies get blessed in two weeks). Anyway, I'm excited to start exercising again. And sorry for using the word "hate" so much but I'm frustrated.

P.S. I'll post some more pictures soon of the babies. They are so stinkin' cute!