Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bird

The Bird #1:

The Bird # 2:

The Bird #3:

Look closely at Brynn's hand and Bailey's malicious smile if you don't know what I mean. I thought this was really funny when I noticed it.

Here's a more appropriate picture :-)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


There's no title to this post because I'm going to talk about a bunch of different things that have happened recently and I couldn't think of a title.

Here's what it looks like in my family to try to get a good Christmas picture. Not an easy task.

We did get two pictures that will work, though. We are only planning on sending out Christmas cards to aunts, uncles, grandparents, our immediate families, and a few friends. Scott and I together have about a billion cousins, so we aren't planning on sending everyone one because it would cost us an arm and a leg, but if you'd like a Christmas card, please email me your address. We'd love to send you one.

Last weekend it snowed like crazy!! It's FREEZING here (like negative degrees at night)!! I know it's cold almost everywhere else in the US as well, but man it just goes from somewhat nice weather to freezing within days. It's reminded me of being in Rexburg and slipping on the ice constantly (so embarrassing) because our parking lot here is like pure ice.

It was snowing when I took the above picture. I don't think the girls liked getting snowflakes in their eyes very much.

Last Saturday was the 7th anniversary of our first date and the first date that Scott and I have been on since Bailey and Brynn were born. We saw New Moon, which I loved and Scott disliked very much. We also got a huge thing of Cherry Coke at the movie theater. "Coke reminds me of Christmas," Scott says. Scott and I don't drink a ton of caffeine so I was awake until 1am and he was awake until 3am that night. Nice one, Hubs. Not going to do that again.

Last Friday we took Hannah to see Santa at the mall. This is going to sound kind of creepy, but Hannah seems to have a special connection with older men (that give her candy). It's not creepy, though. She truly has a genuine love for Santa Claus (and for our previous two Bishops), and they seem to have a genuine love for her. I almost started crying when I saw her get SO excited to see Santa and hug him and tell him that she wanted a princess dress for Christmas (which she'll be getting ;). He seemed to be really excited to see her too.

Finally, here are a few random pictures that I took over that past couple of weeks.

I love that tiny ponytail!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Hey ya'll. We entered Hannah into a grouchiest child contest with a radio station here by submitting a photo of her. We'll win front row tickets to see Sesame Street Live if Hannah wins, so we're asking you guys if you have a few extra minutes to vote for her because I know she would love to go to this. Here's the LINK you need to click on and then press the vote button. Hannah is number 25. If you have more than one email address, you can vote more than once. Voting ends on December 7th. Thanks a bunch!!!

Also, my friend Cori has an etsy shop and is selling these really pretty floral accessories. She's also giving some away if we post a link to her shop and her blog. Since I want her to get some business and I want to win one of her items, I'm posting it on my blog. Here's the LINK to her blog if you want to win as well and below is the link to her etsy shop if you want to buy something.