Monday, September 13, 2010

Goals-#2, #3, and #4

Ok, so I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to have goals for myself, to make my life less chaotic and to make myself a better mother.

Yesterday we went to regional conference (it's a church thing, for anyone who may not know). I was wrestling with my kids the whole time and didn't get much out of it because I wasn't really able to listen. However, I did get one thing out of it. Sister Julie Beck, the General Relief Society President spoke. She said that we are doing better than we think we are, but we can do better. One thing she mentioned was that a lot of young mothers these days are on the computer way too much. Because of this, they end up neglecting their children. One reason I didn't want to get a facebook account was because I didn't want to ever do that to my children. I am one to tell you that once you sign into facebook, sometimes you don't sign off for an hour or so later (although I'm pretty sure I've never done this while my kids were around-it's not possible to be on the internet that long with three little rugrats). Despite the fact that I didn't want to get a facebook account, I caved and got one anyway. The first year I had it, I didn't get on it that much. The past few months, though, I've gotten on it more and more. Just the past few weeks I've found myself on it 2,3,4....times a day. It's very addicting. Just like anything else that's addicting, this is not a good thing. To me, it's fine to surf the internet for a little bit if your kids are gone or asleep, but it's when you start neglecting them to "add a comment" or to read someone's status update that it becomes bad. I was on facebook the other day and Hannah was begging me to play with her, and I kept telling her in just a minute. I was really busy, apparently, reading updates and looking at pictures of people I haven't seen in years. Poor Hannah. I've snapped out of that little funk, though, after I heard that talk from Sister Beck. My next goal (besides making myself physically satisfied) is to stop getting on facebook/surfing the net while my kids are awake. I will still check my email every once in awhile during the day and anything else that I need to check, but I won't surf the internet. I did good today. Didn't look at facebook once while my kids were awake. I did look at it once while my kids were asleep, though. I feel that it is so important to take care of my little ones, and websites like facebook, myspace, and even blogger can be a distraction. This time in their lives is crucial to their futures.

Goal #3- I like making dinner, but I hate thinking of what we're going to eat for dinner every night. Sometimes 4 or 5 o'clock rolls around and I have no idea what we're going to eat for dinner......"I guess it's going to be a pancake night." To make myself a little more organized, I started a calendar with everything that we are going to eat for dinner that week. Then I go food shopping and buy all of the ingredients that I'll need for the week. So far, it's turned out nicely. Dinner feels much less chaotic, thank you very much.

Goal #4- I'm still coming up with a hobby to do for myself. I really don't have time during the day. By the time the girls are in bed, it's time for P90X, cleaning, and a little relaxation. Someday I'll find something for me...hopefully someday soon.