Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Time

So yeah, this summer has been busy. So here's an update about what we've been doing.

Scott likes his new job. He's keeping really busy with it. It's a new company with only a few employees, and the good thing about it is that it's growing really quickly. This could be very good for us if Scott grows with the company. Some nights he has to stay longer because he's got so much work do. I'd say that's pretty exciting!

He also turned 30 at the end of July and was extremely surprised at the surprise party I threw him. I didn't get any pictures of it, but I invited as many people as could fit in our apartment and we ate J Dawgs hot dogs and had birthday pie. And then we all played Dance Central for awhile. It was fun watching the kids get their groove on.

Remember how a couple of posts ago I said that we were going to be moving soon? Well, that didn't happen. We were very close to moving out of our apartment, when we decided that it would be best to stay here and save a little money. And we bought a second car instead, so now I'm not stuck inside all day. So my dreams of living in a nice house and having a big backyard for the girls to play in is just going to have to wait until next year (hopefully). It's okay. My cousin recently moved right across from us and her daughter and Hannah have become attached at the hip. Things aren't so bad here, I suppose.

This summer, Bailey and Brynn sort of started potty training. They have both gone potty in the toilet, but after our trip to California, Brynn no longer wants anything to do with the potty. That trip messed my girls up in several ways. Bailey also will no longer go to nursery on Sundays. She used to do excellent but has decided that she needs her mom or dad there with her. She is terrified of it now.

My girls have also spent a lot of time getting into more mischief this summer. Pancake mix everywhere!! And this wasn't the first time. Actually I think this happened 3 different times. You'd think I would learn to put my pancake mix in a different spot where the girls can't reach it. I don't know what it is with my girls dunking their heads in stuff, but apparently they like it.

I wanted to post this fairy that Hannah drew because I thought she did such an amazing job with all the detail. She's my little artist.

Brynn is probably one of the funniest children I know. I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but she stuffed a bunch of toys down her pajamas and came out of Hannah's room looking like the marshmallow man. She thought it was pretty funny.

On to our trip to California.... ( I forgot my camera so I didn't get a ton of pictures. Only a few with my phone).

Luckily, I had my sister and her family drive down with me so I wasn't completely alone with three kids. Here are the kids in the salt flats here in Utah.

Bailey and Brynn were obsessed with these swings at my mom's house.

Hannah and my friend's little girl, Montana.

Bailey, getting into my mascara.

The forth of July was fun, but I missed being with Scott. It was nice to just watch fire works in front of my mom's house. I haven't done that since before I was married.

My momma and Brynn

Here we are in our red, white, and blue gear.

The girls turned 2 at the end of July! I can't believe how big they are getting. Here's Brynn on her real birthday.

And here are Bailey and Brynn eating their Dora and Boots cupcakes. We had a small party for them in California (mostly with just grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins). I kind of felt guilty about not doing a big birthday bash for them, but we did one last year. And I'll probably let them have a friend birthday party next year. Hannah was 3 when I first let her do a friend birthday party.

Here's Bailey on her real birthday.

We took the girls to Chuck E Cheeses for their birthday. I think they had fun!

After California, we had a Meyer family reunion (this is Scott's step dad's family). Hannah had fun making new friends.

This is a picture of the girls with their birthday presents. They are both obsessed with cats and dogs, and since I can't get them a real one right now, I thought this would be the next best thing. These are puppies that bark, walk, and whine.

And Hannah got a new big girl bed! I felt bad for her because she's been sleeping in that toddler bed since she was two. We were planning on getting her a big bed when we moved, but since that didn't happen, we decided now was the perfect time. And I spent several days painting that dresser. It looks good, but I think it was a mistake for several reasons that I will not list.

And finally, what's new with me? I dyed my hair red! Oh wait, you can't tell? Yeah, neither can I. Dumb dye in a box!! I wanted something different and this is what I got. Oh well. I'm going blond next time!! At least my husband looks hot with a beard.

I hope your summer was great! Love, my silly kids

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing in the Rain

This summer has been crazy busy, and I've been wanting to post about it for awhile now but my camera chip doesn't seem to be working well with my computer right now. Every time I try to upload pictures it freezes the whole computer. Boo. For now, you'll just have to deal with this cute video taken with my phone. It has rained a lot here in Utah this summer. This was taken a few weeks ago of my girls playing in the rain and in a puddle that they love to dunk their heads in. I would have never let Hannah do this when she was their age but I've become a bit more relaxed with these girls. Wanna dunk your head in some puddles? Go for it! Why don't you go ahead and play with some scissors while you're at it.