Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Please scroll down for new pictures of Hannah
I know that Maran already posted today, but I thought I would hop on to tell what's going on with me. First, the big news. I am taking the rest of the year off from the Kings. It's a lot easier said than done, but I have done pretty well so far. They stink this year. Now, it's not just because they stink that I am taking the year off. The problem is that the players drive me crazy. If they were losing but they were trying to win, I could accept that easier. It's being up by ten entering the 4th quarter only to lose by double digits. I just don't think that these guys care one way or another if they win or lose, and I get too involved, and it is emotionally draining. Too many nights are ruined because I get mad. At least I can't watch them on TV here in Utah, or else I think it would be worse. I figured I would just take the rest of the year off, and not care one way or another. The good news is that Sports Illustrated is reporting that Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, and Brad Miller are all on the trading block. As much as I have loved Bibby on our team, get rid of him and bring in someone that wants to play. Get rid of this new moron coach while they are at it. I was ready for Rick Adelman to go, but not for this. We should just tank the rest of the season and try to get either Greg Oden or Durant in the draft. But enough of that...
For those of you still reading at this point, in other news, school is going well. I am enjoying my classes this semester, and I am glad that I can be at home while Maran is at school. I enjoy that time that I get to spend with my daughter. Lately she has warmed up to me a little more, which makes me feel good. I can sometimes see the disappointment in her face when she sees that I am not her mom, but that is to be expected. It is very exciting for me to see her grow up, but it is sad at the same time. She has been "cooing" a lot lately as she is discovering her voice, and I think it is very neat.
Work has also gotten a lot better. Let me first say, that for anyone who watches "The Office", I got a real kick out of Dwight working at Staples. For anyone who doesn't know, in November I told my District Manager that I no longer wanted to be a manager. I used to really like my job, but for about the last six months, I was dreading having to go. There's not just one reason that I didn't like being a manager, but a big part of it was dealing with customer complaints and them taking their frustrations out on me. Not only that, but I knew for sure that I did not want to be in a position to be promoted. As weird as that sounds, I knew that my job would only get worse if I did get promoted. So, it took some time, but a few weeks ago I started working in furniture, and it has been awesome. I don't have to wear my gray shirt anymore, it has gone back to red, and it is a great department to work in. Yesterday though, my general manager came up to me and said that they needed to make a change. I will spare you the details, but I will no longer be in furniture, but I will be off by 3:00 PM everyday and not have to work Saturdays. For most of you that doesn't seem too special, but in retail, that is rare. I don't have to close, or work Saturdays. I am really excited about it, because it will seem more like a real job. They haven't decided if I will start next week or the following, but I am excited about it.
For those of you who have made it this far, please scroll down to see more pictures of our beautiful baby girl. I hope you are all doing well, and hope to talk to you soon.
Hannah and Daddy.

This one's for Kerrie and Jake!
Hannah is intensely watching her Baby Einstein. She's really starting to like it.
Nothing too exciting has happened to us this week. Hannah got her first cold, which is kind of sad. I tried so hard to keep her away from the sickness but it caught her anyway. It is sad to see her nose running and hear her having a hard time breathing at night, but luckily she has been OK as far as sleeping goes. She woke up one morning with her eye plastered shut full of goo. I remember that happening to me as a kid and it was not fun. Sometimes I thought I was going blind. Anyway, I will write more another day because little pumpkin is getting fussy and needs a nap.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our little girl has all of a sudden started to develop a personality. She has a bit of a temper. When she gets angry, she arches her back like so and screams until we pick her up. I'm not sure if she is just throwing a tantrum or if most babies do this but it just started happening recently and she gets very close to rolling over from front to back while doing it.
However, she also has a very sweet side. Scott likes to say that she has a sweet spirit, which is usually something you would say when someone is ugly, but in this case she really does have a sweet spirit. When she's happy she'll give you the biggest heart felt smile. It is adorable.
And I had to post this picture because she looks pretty in it. Everything else around here is going well. Scott is taking 12 credits at UVSC and I am only taking 6 because it is hard for me to take more than that. Scott is also enjoying work more now that he has sort of stepped down(he still works as a manager a couple of times a week). Anyway, not much else is going on around here. It's still freezing and snowy and we can't wait for summer.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hannah is now three months old!! I can't believe how fast she's growing up. She holds her head up so high now and she's rolled over twice. For some reason though, the last week and a half she was doing horrible with sleeping. She was waking up almost every hour at night. It was incredibly hard for us to deal with. She was sleeping almost a five hour stretch and then after feeding her another three hour stretch so we didn't know what was wrong with her when she started sleeping for only an hour. This week we decided to see if we could train her to fall asleep on her own so we've just been wrapping her up tight and laying her in her bassinet. We only let her cry up to ten minutes to put herself to sleep. Each day has gotten better and better. Last night she did her long sleeping stretches again and today she had a three hour nap and a two hour nap. We were soooo excited!!! She is such a good baby!! Also this week I started school again. It has been hard to leave Hannah but I know she will be ok because she is with her daddy. I think this semester is going to be hard but I only have two semesters left so I have to pull through. Yesterday I also got my wisdom tooth pulled which was not fun but I am feeling a lot better today. It really wasn't that bad, but then again he didn't have to dig very far to get it. Anyway, we hope everyone is doing great and thanks for all the comments.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hannah clasping her fingers while sleeping in her swing-so cute!

Had to post this picture because it is so cute.

Hannah with her cousin Allie!

Hannah rolled over for the first time today and I actually caught it on my camera!! I could see that she was getting close so I grabbed my camera just in case and I was lucky to catch it. She is growing up so fast!! Pretty soon she'll be crawling and getting into everything. That's going to be hard, especially since I am going back to school next week. I'll have to keep a closer eye on her then. I guess I will just have to get my homework done during her naps. Anyway, I just had to post to let everyone know that she actually rolled over. We are so proud of her!!

P.S. The pictures of her rolling are a little out of order but I don't know how to change that.