Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

Today is Scott and my anniversary. We've been married for 5 whole years!! Wow, it's really gone by fast. There's a reason that this year is so important to me. As a lot of you know, I majored in Sociology, so I know a lot of statistics about certain social problems. One thing I did learn in one of my classes is that the majority of couples who end up getting divorced do it within the first 5 years of marriage. So, we've made it past that scary mark. Ok, that's kind of silly for me to write that because divorce has never been an option for Scott and me and it never will be because Scott and I are always willing to work on ourselves and our relationship together (although I realize that no one ever goes into a marriage thinking that they are going to get divorced. It usually ends up happening after one or both members of the couple won't work on the marriage or their faults anymore). In fact, I've grown to love my husband more and more each year that I am with him, and our marriage seems to get better and better. We've learned to deal with each other's faults and accept them, rather than try to change each other as we probably did more at the beginning of our marriage. Scott reminded me a couple of weeks ago about something that our sealer told us in the Oakland temple the day we got married. He was talking only to us and told us that sometimes when he sits down with a couple before they get married that he has a bad feeling about them. He told us that he had a really good feeling about us and our marriage. Anyway, I know that Scott and I will be together forever and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Don't get me wrong, our marriage isn't perfect. We fight and get annoyed with each other. Usually our fights end up in giving each other the silent treatment until we feel good enough about it to talk to each other. One thing I am very proud of, though, is that I can't think of a single time in our marriage that Scott has ever yelled at me. It's not in his nature to yell and get incredibly angry. I am grateful for that because I don't know if my sensitive heart would be able to handle that.

I love our relationship. Scott and I are both somewhat reserved, laid back people and not many people know that we love to sing loudly (even though we both have terrible voices) and dance with Hannah, do group hugs and kisses, and make fun of each other. I enjoy my husband's sense of humor because I have a similar sense of humor. We can both be sarcastic and like to tease each other. I think we've both learned to laugh at ourselves more since the beginning of our marriage.

One thing I love is that my husband says almost everyday, "Mommy's the best, isn't she?" to Hannah, even though I obviously know that I'm not the best. He makes me feel like I'm a good mother and wife, even if I don't feel like I am sometimes.

Anyway, I won't go on and on, but I am grateful for the 5 years of marriage that we've had together. I am excited to see what else is in store for us over our lifetime together.

Five years ago

My husband skipped his class tonight to take me out to dinner. It really meant a lot to me considering the fact that this semester I don't usually get to see him until 7pm every night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Presents

Well, since Jen would like to see the gifts that we got, I figured I would take some pictures. We got TONS of stuff!! I actually had to leave some stuff at my mom's house because we couldn't fit it all in our car (P.S., We are going to have to buy a bigger car...three car seats will not fit in our Sonata). Anyway, I just can't believe how generous people are. Amongst all of the clothes and other baby supplies, we had people give us 2 matching cribs, a twin boppy, a bouncer, a swing, and other people gave us money, which we were able to buy two car seats and a double stroller with. Honestly, we are SO blessed to be around such giving people!

Here is all of the stuff that we were able to fit in our car (Hannah was squashed amongst it all in the back seat). Actually, I found two more bags of new clothes after I took this picture, so this picture doesn't contain everything.
I wanted to take individual pictures of some of the homemade items because they are adorable. Scott's cousin-in-law, Haley, made these blankets, burp cloths, and bows to match the two outfits.

My cousin-in-law, Cortney, made these adorable pillows for Bailey and Brynn, which are going to match perfect with their bedroom.

My mom made these cute burp cloths and bibs.

My step grandma made this beautiful blanket.

Scott's aunt Janette made these adorable sweaters.

No one made this onesie, but I thought it was hilarious because if these babies have even an inkling of Price genes in them, they are definitely going to have big butts (or "Peaches," "EGGBs", "Ghetto Booty," "Bubble Butt," or "Huge Heinies" as some of us Prices have been called. Ok, I'm kidding about the "Huge Heinies" one, but yes, people have called us the other ones and many other names that aren't appropriate).

There were a few other homemade items that I didn't get pictures of. My sister-in-law, Jill, and Scott's aunt Frances made some adorable blankets that I couldn't fit in our car. My mom will bring up all of the items that we weren't able to bring.

Here are a few other pictures from our trip:

There were a few days that the temperature got into the 90s while we were in Cali. Hannah and I decided to take a dip in the pool on one of those days. She loved swimming by herself with those floaties on.

Yeah...I don't think I've ever seen my daughter this dirty before.

Above is my niece, Sam, and Hannah.

Hannah and I were also able to enjoy a night and day with my friend Stacy and her daughter Montana. We went to this really fun place that had a ton of bounce houses. The girls had a lot of fun! I had a lot of fun too but thought I was going to go into labor with all of the bouncing and climbing that I was doing.

Anyway, overall it was an awesome trip! Scott was able to come down for the last 4 days of it, which made it even better.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Shower

Last Saturday my mom and mother-in-law threw a baby shower for the twins and me. Anytime these two put on a party it always turns out awesome! I am so grateful to both of them for the many hours they put into it. My mom had been planning this thing for weeks (maybe months). She's a bit of a perfectionist, so everything turned out perfect from the delicious, adorable homemade cupcakes down to the way that each bow was tied on the party favors. All of the decorations matched perfectly- green, brown, and pink. The food that my mother-in-law made was also divine and I could not be more pleased with the way things turned out. We had between 35 and 40 people there, and I am so grateful to those who drove hours just for the day (or weekend) to come to the shower. It meant so much to me to have people there supporting the babies and me. So thank you to everyone for coming and for all of the gifts. We got tons of clothes, homemade blankets, sweaters, and pillows, boppies, diaper bags, pacifiers, and other items for the babies. And thanks to Jill for doing the games and Stacy for taking the pictures and everyone else who helped behind the scenes.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Montana, Hannah, and Taylor

Some friends from high school- Jenny, Danelle, and Rachel

Most of the women at the party playing a game

Rachel, Jenny, me, and Stacy

Hannah and Montana (Stacy's daughter)

Opening presents

Look at how teeny tiny this onesie is!

My mom and me

My sis-in-law, Jill, and me

The yummy cupcakes that my mom made

The food area

I don't know if you can really see the table decorations in this picture, but they were really cute.

The big sister with her badge on
My mother-in-law hard at work in the kitchen.

The End.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

24 Weeks

Thanks to those of you who said that I don't look huge in that picture. There's a reason I posted it, though....because I was covered up by Scott's sweater. I think you'll change your mind once you see this picture. It's okay, though. I'm big, but I get two babies out of it.

I went to the doctor's today and he told me that I am measuring at about 7 1/2 to 8 months of a normal pregnancy. That seems about right. I believe I was about this big when I was 8 months prego with Hannah. He also told me that they'll probably take the babies at 37 weeks rather than 38 weeks, so that's kind of exciting. If that's the case, the babies will be here no later than July 18th. My weight gain to date (I can't believe I'm telling this...) is 21 pounds.

Instead of doing fun pregnancy facts this time, I thought I would do a small segment called

"When The Belly Gets In The Way."

There comes a point in pregnancy when you start getting so big that certain things become difficult. It's kind of funny to me actually because I have reached that point in my pregnancy. I was going to post of few pictures of me doing some of these things, but some of them would be kind of inappropriate to take a picture of. Wink.

It gets difficult to:

1. paint my toes
2. shave my legs
3. wash the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher and my belly ends up getting in the way of the sink. I usually have to bend over to reach the water faucet.)
4. see what in the heck I'm washing "down there" in the shower
5. keep stains off of my maternity shirts where my belly is (when food falls it generally lands on my belly)
5. bend over to pick up anything (I usually try to grab things with my toes now if I can)
6. and eventually, it will get difficult for me to drive. At the 9 month mark with Hannah, my belly started to smash into the steering wheel.

So there you go! I'm really loving this stage, though. I still feel great, which I am so grateful for! Hannah and I are off to California this week, which we are SO excited for!!!! Poor Scott gets to stay here and study for finals. Good luck to my hubby. I love you and will miss you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities

Happy Easter everyone! Here are some pictures and videos from our events over the past couple of days.

Coloring eggs

Finding eggs

And then of course we had to eat egg salad sandwiches for lunch after Hannah found the eggs but I don't have a picture of that.

Scott's dad made a quick trip to Utah this weekend to visit. Here he is saying goodbye to Hannah last night.

This morning Hannah woke up to some presents that the Easter bunny left her. She got a Dora backpack (which she has been asking me for for weeks now), some crafts, bubbles, and of course, CANDY, CANDY, CANDY. I wouldn't be surprised if all of her teeth are rotten after how much candy she's eaten this week. Scott and I shared a basket. As you can see, I got the movie Twilight, which I actually opened 2 weeks ago and have watched twice since then. Scott got a video game for his XBox. I don't know if we are going to push this whole "Easter Bunny" thing on our kids, though. It's weird to me how we got the Easter bunny and candy and eggs out of the resurrection. Sure, we'll still do it, but just imagining some huge bunny leaving treats is actually a scary picture to me.

Here she is with her new backpack.

This afternoon we went over to my sister's house for another Easter egg hunt with more candy and a delicious ham dinner. Hannah wanted to put her eggs in her backpack rather than in her basket. P.S. This is the only picture you'll see of me during these events. We had one of the three of us with Hannah in a different Easter dress, but I just can't get the guts to post it. Let's be honest, I'm huge and it embarrasses me. I wish I weren't so self conscious because it's ridiculous....I'm having twins!! I should be huge!!! Anyway, I will post more pics on Tuesday since it's my 24 weeks checkup.

Well, we had an awesome Easter. I hope that yours was just as good!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Few Items Of Business

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in awhile. We've been pretty busy and I don't get much time on the internet because my husband uses it for homework from the time Hannah goes to bed until we go to bed. Also, I've had a very sick daughter this past week, who now has an ear infection. Poor baby:-(

Second, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted on the names and gave us suggestions. I think that we have finally chosen a name. We are going with


Honestly, I don't think we would have gone with that name if it weren't for your votes. We like Claire too, but we think Bailey and Brynn go well together. We still have three months to change our minds, but we are pretty sure that this is going to be it.

Finally, even though my daughter is sick, she's still a trooper. She let me take a few pictures of her today in the park in one of her Easter dresses, which she didn't want to wear today because she thinks it is cheap. "That dress is cheap, Mommy. I don't want to wear it." I have no idea where she learned that word from or how she knows what it means. She's a cutie anyway!

These pictures would be cuter if she didn't have boogies hanging out of her nose;)