Tuesday, November 01, 2011


October was a busy month. And it went by super duper fast. Here are pictures of a few of the things we've done (in no particular order, of course. Again, too lazy to change the order of my pictures. Why does blogger make it so hard?)

Starting with last night....trick or treating!

Hannah was a fairy from the Barbie movie Fairytopia. Bailey was a pirate (which was Hannah's costume from when she was two). And Brynn was a witch. Neither of my girls kept their hats on last night, though, so it was kind of hard to tell what they were. Even in these pictures, Brynn's hat is drooped so you can't even tell it was a witch's hat. Oh well.

We went trick or treating with my cousins, so these are Hannah's second cousins.

This is Bailey's excited face.

You may be sick of these pictures, since this will be the fifth time I've posted about Hee Haw farms, but it's tradition. I must. So here's Hee Haw farms, a fun pumpkin patch/corn maze/farm activities place that we go to every October.

The girls thought it was fun to bury themselves in this corn box.

And I also went with Hannah on a preschool field trip to a different pumpkin patch.

These are the kiddos from her preschool, though not all are in her class.

And Hannah finished her gymnastics class and won a medal. She was very proud.

Cute little girls patiently waiting while their sister performs.

And here are pictures of our yearly spook-tacular dinner. Spider 7 layer dip, mummy dogs (without the eyes), Jack-o-latern carrots, bloody cups, mummy pizzas, and fruit salad. And our dessert, which is not pictured, were tombstone cupcakes.

And finally, my beautiful cousin, Amy, got married and asked Hannah to be a flower girl. Hannah was more than happy to do it. My mom and step-dad drove up for the occasion and stayed with us for a couple of days.


Hannah, the flower girl

My momma and step-dad with the girls.

My beautiful sister and her hubby with my girls.


I had to take a few pictures of Hannah by this gorgeous tree. I love fall colors.

The bride with all of the flower girls.

The end.