Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random Thoughts!

So I haven't posted in a while and I figured I probably should. Nothing too exciting has happened to us this week, but here are a few random things that have happened to me.
1. A Great Deal
Thanks to Kerrie I got a great deal on some baby clothes at They were having a spring clearance and I bought Hannah about seven things, each only costing $3.50. She got a coat, two dresses, pants, two shirts, and a hat; all for under $30. We received the clothes in the mail a couple days ago and they were definitely worth the money.
2. Contest is over
Well, in case any of you were wondering about the contest Scott and I were having with losing weight, I won with flying colors. Scott stopped his diet about two weeks into the contest(as I expected he would). I actually stopped my diet as well but still lost 6 pounds all together, probably because of breast feeding. Scott actually gained 4 pounds, which is kind of funny. So because he gained 4 pounds, I get $3 for every pound he gained and $2 for every pound I lost. That's $24!!! I am not going to post an after picture of me though because I really don't look that different from before. I still have to tone up my body, not that any of you really care, but I have love handles the size of Texas!!
3. Sickness all around
This week all three of us have been sick with a cold. I think Hannah got it the worst though. It is sad to hear her cough with all that gunk in her throat. I think she is slowly getting better, though. She also started saying words like "da" and "ba." She doesn't know what she's saying yet but at least her language skills are developing.
4. Finals
Scott and I have had finals for the last couple of days and will continue to have them until Wednesday. So far, I think we have both done pretty well.
5. Hot Dogs
Yesterday Scott bought me a big polish dog from some little joint on BYU campus and it was delicious, but made me incredibly sick. If any of you want to buy me a hot dog for lunch in the future, do both of us a favor and save your money. I love hot dogs, but they make me sooooo sick for the rest of the day and I am burping them up for 24 hours straight (not that you wanted to know that). I can do store bought hot dogs, but it's the big ones you buy from restaurants and Costco that make me sick.
6. Insomnia
I have had incredibly bad insomnia for quite some time now. Scott and I will go to bed together and 60 seconds later, he is asleep. I lay there for hours watching him sleep comfortably while I just have random thoughts racing through my head (like this blog). I don't know what my problem is, but it's really wearing me out.

Well, those are the things that have happened to us this past week. We are SO excited to come to California this week. I apologize there are no pictures in this blog but we actually haven't taken any this week.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Six Months!!

Hannah is now 6 whole months old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Today we took her to see the doctor again. She was 14 lbs 15oz, which is 27 th percentile and 26 inches long, which is about 50th percentile. She also got 4 more shots. Speaking of shots, I was watching Oprah the other day and they were talking about kids with autism. It kind of scared me because one of the mothers thought that her baby got autism because of the immunizations. While I don't think I agree with that, it still made me think about whether or not I should let Hannah get her shots. They say autism can occur anytime between birth and two years of age. I think she'll be alright, though. Here are a couple of pictures I took on her sixth month birthday. Yes, I love taking close-ups of her.

Hannah loves to be outside. This was the first time she got to lay in the grass. I think she really liked it.
Hannah tried squash for the first time this week. She really didn't like it at first. I think it's growing on her, though, the more and more we give it to her.
We hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Wish us luck on our finals next week!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Reester!!!

Well Happy Easter to everyone!! Scott's favorite Easter candy are the "Reester Eggs." Who doesn't love a good Reese's every now and then (or all the time)? Yesterday was a fun day for our family. In the afternoon, we took Hannah for a small hike up the canyon. Scott put her in the Baby Bijourn (sp) and she really enjoyed it. We decided we have to do more stuff like that. The mountains here are so beautiful and are only 10 minutes away but we rarely visit them. Last night we decided to have an Easter party with the three of us. These pictures are, once again, out of order, but oh well.

Hannah and Mommy taking a break from making cookies.
Hannah worked so hard on those Easter cookies that she got a little flour on her nose.
Hannah and mommy cutting out sugar cookies in the shape of bunnies.
The eggs and cookies are finished!! We took this picture after church today.
This morning, Hannah and I woke up to some presents that the Easter bunny left us. Hannah got 4 movies ("A Goofy Movie," "Baby Einstein," "Alice in Wonderland," and "The Emperor's New Groove") and I got a big extended version of my favorite childhood movie, "The Wizard of Oz." The Easter bunny is a big fan of movies.
Here is a picture of Hannah and Daddy coloring eggs (we did this last night along with making the bunny cookies). Today we are going to bring those bunny cookies over to a few friends and we are going to eat the eggs we made with dinner tonight. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and let's not forget the true meaning of why we celebrate! Love ya all!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring is here!

Well spring time is back. It has been beautiful again the last couple of days. I love spring here because the flowers are so beautiful. We took pictures of Hannah on Sunday and were going to send wallets to you all for Easter but we don't have any stamps right now, so if I do send them, you will most likely get it after Easter. Here are a couple of my favorites (although they are out of order on this blog. For some reason I don't know how to get the pictures to upload in order). In between the flower pictures are just some close up ones I took the other day.

This one was one of my favorites. She's so interested in the flowers.
This one is hilarious. Don't worry, she didn't ruin the flowers.
This is the one we were going to send to you all.
A big close up smile.
Snuggling with her bunny "Pinky."
She looks grumpy in this one and one of her eyes looks smaller than the other but it's still cute.

This week Grandma and Grandpa Price are visiting. We got to hang out with them yesterday. I took Hannah to the movies for the first time with Grandma and Grandpa, and Hollie and her kids. I was so worried that I would have to take Hannah out during most of the movie but she just sat there and watched the whole thing (and fell asleep in my lap for about 20 minutes of it). We saw "Meet the Robinsons." It was a pretty good kid's show I guess, but I was more interested in how good Hannah was the whole time. It was amazing!!! Sometimes I don't think I know this because I focus on the fussy times, but she is a really good baby.