Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Millions of peaches, peaches for me! Millions of peaches, peaches for FREE!"

Last night we did something that we've never done before: pick peaches. It was a lot of fun! Our bishop has a friend who has a peach orchard and he needed to get rid of them because they are getting too ripe. So, we went with a few other couples to go pick some peaches. Hannah's B.F.F., Kelly, was there, too, so I think she loved it even more because of that.

Above is Hannah with our friend, Rachel, who is Kelly's mama.

Look at ALL of the peaches we got for FREE! There is somewhere close to 100 pounds here.
I am SO proud of myself because today I did something with those peaches. I became quite the little home-maker! I canned some peaches and I also made peach jam! This is so not my style to do stuff like this, but it was a lot of fun! Actually, more work than fun, but I feel like I accomplished something. Our kitchen looks like a tornado hit, and I am so exhausted that I don't feel like doing a single lick of cleaning, but oh well.
We still have 5 bags of peaches and I don't know what to do with them. I will probably can a few more jars tomorrow, but then who knows what I'll do with the rest of the peaches? Peach cobbler, peaches and cream, peach pie, ........? I think I'll be really sick of peaches by the end of the week, but for now I am SO glad that we were able to do that activity with Hannah and that I was able to do something with them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


***Cue screaming and clapping***

I am so happy that my favorite TV shows have finally come back on this week! I know it's pretty dumb to blog about this, especially since Scott and I are probably some of the only people who care. However, my absolute FAVORITE show will kick off its season premiere tonight.....drum roll.........................THE OFFICE! I know a few weeks back I said that I was going to do a "Fun Friday" segment every Friday with clips from The Office, but I went on vacation and never did it again after that. If you'd like to watch it, we have all of the seasons and are willing to let anyone borrow them.

Anyway, I just love fall time because it means perfect weather, beautiful leaves, Halloween, and of course, my favorite TV shows are back on. I really don't like the summer TV shows- maybe because we only have basic cable. The only ones I got into this summer were The Bachelorette and a little bit of So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know if you all like America's Got Talent, but to me it's the white trash version of American Idol.....no offense to anyone who likes it, though. I'm not really a big fan of Jerry Springer and I find it sad that some of the contestants get booed as they are performing. Sometimes I just expect the contestants to start hitting each other with chairs and what not.

I don't usually watch TV during the day, either. I know, you all think the typical stay-at-home mom sits at home all day watching soap operas and eating Chips-a-hoy, but I'll save that time for when my kids are in school;)

Anyway, here are the shows that are a MUST WATCH for this season:

Monday: Dancing with the Stars
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser (I guess I'll never get to watch who gets kicked off of Dancing With The Stars).
Wednesday: ?? Still looking for a show that peaks my interest
Thursday: Survivor, The Office
Friday: ??
Saturday: Um...this Saturday it will be the Relief Society broadcast
Sunday: The Amazing Race

There are other shows that I have wanted to get into, like Heroes and we used to be into House, MD, but we don't have Tivo, which is probably a good thing. We'll be back into 24 and American Idol once January comes around.

As I've already mentioned, tonight kicks off the season for The Office, and we are having a party at our house! Okay, not really a party, but another couple will be joining us and we are going to have Papa John's Pizza (the good stuff, NOT Little Caesars, which is usually what we get because it tastes decent, and it's cheap). If we had a Round Table around we would be digging our fingers into that tonight, but unfortunately there are none here in Utah.

Anyway, sorry I am rambling on about TV, but unfortunately this is what I have to look forward to at nights after Hannah has gone to bed and while Scott is busy doing homework. Oh, and I'm currently reading Midnight Sun but will probably finish that tonight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Classic Pictures and Quotes- By: Hannah Lea

I thought that I would post a few pictures of Hannah that we took recently. This first one is for her Grandpa Greg. I believe he bought her this shirt before she was born (or maybe when she was really little). She finally fits it! You can tell she is excited!! Hooray for being able to fit this shirt!!

Yeah, this shirt is TOTALLY a grandpa Greg shirt- he loves hunting, fishing, the great outdoors, etc. He should probably be the one on that show "Survivor Man" instead of the guy they got.

This next picture is of her and my feet. I let her paint my toenails a few weeks ago and here is what it looked like. Not bad for a 1 year old. Obviously, I painted hers, too.

This next picture was actually this morning. I was getting ready in the bathroom while she was playing in my room. A few minutes later she came walking out with a pair of my socks and my sandals on. Scott is going to flip a lid when he sees this picture. People wearing socks with sandals is one of his BiGgEsT pet peeves. I had never even noticed it before I married him. I wouldn't suggest doing it around him unless you want to get made fun of:) I'm sure he'll find this pretty cute, though. My socks go all the way up to her thighs.....oh, and she has the sandals on the wrong feet. Ha! Classic!

Finally, I know I've told you all that I am excited for the day that I can blog cute quotes that she says, and I finally have one!!

So, there is a song by Rhianna called "Umbrella." For those of you who have never heard this song, the chorus goes like this:

"You can stand under my Um-ber-ella ella ella eh eh eh...."

Hannah really likes this song. She happens to have a cousin named Ella, so one day she was singing this song and she said,

"Stand under my Um-ber-Ella, Si Si, Kamrie, Hailey, Taylor....."

Si Si, Kamrie, Hailey, and Taylor are also her cousins, so I found it really cute that because she found the word "Ella" in this song, it made her think of her other cousins as well. Classic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Video For the Grandparents (Or Anyone Who Wants To Watch)

I haven't posted a video of Hannah in awhile, so here's one. I think it's pretty cute. Scott looked at me weird when I mentioned that her chest was her "privates" in this video. A girl's chest should be private if you ask me, but I probably used the wrong word and should have just called it a chest:) You'll know what I'm talking about when you watch the video. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Pet Peeve

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately-probably because I have nothing going on. I have been searching frantically for a job and might have found something that will work for me. I'll let ya'll know. I'm pretty nervous about it.

*P.S.- Have you ever tried to search for a stay at home job? Every single one I have found has been one of those that you have to pay them first. G-ross! I am not getting scammed!

Anyway, I thought that I would write about what has been on my mind for the last few weeks. *WARNING*- This is another pet peeve of mine and may sound like I'm annoyed.

So I rented this DVD (Barbie Swan Lake) from the library a few weeks ago. We watched it once, and then it disappeared......yeah, completely into thin air. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this DVD. Is it possible that Grandpa Sprague took it home with him and has watched it every night since he left our house? Maybe. Ha, ha, totally kidding Randy, but that's a funny picture in my head. Anyway, we still have the case, but the actual DVD is missing. I've looked under couches, moved the entertainment center, looked behind bookshelves, etc, etc. Losing things is a serious pet peeve of mine. I am more annoyed at the fact that the DVD is NOWHERE to be found, rather than the fact that I am going to owe the library $15 even though I could get the movie from Wal-Mart for $5.

The only thing that I can think of is that Hannah threw it in the trash without me seeing it. Maybe I'll find it when we move. Either way, I'm going to keep searching until my deadline is up on Tuesday. Losing things is seriously one of the most annoying things out there to me.

Sorry this is a lame-o post....it's all I got at the moment:-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A lot going on....

A few items on the menu this week....


Can you say "Incredible Hulk?"

Yes...I've said before that my daughter loves to rub any type of lubricant all over her body- yogurt, shampoo, milk, lotion, chapstick etc., etc., and fingerpaints, as shown above. Maybe I should have her be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween.


So Scott and I knew that we were going to get new callings in our married ward and I told him that I would do almost anything besides teach Sunday School or Relief Society because I just don't feel adequate to teach and I get really nervous when I have to speak in front of a lot of people (palms sweaty, rash on my neck, dry mouth,....it's not pretty). Of course, Scott and I got called to be Sunday School teachers. I'm actually kind of excited, though, because we get to do it together and it's on a subject I somewhat know: marriage and family. I figure since we are the couple who has been in the ward the longest, this calling actually suits us.


On Labor day we went to a place called "Liberty Land" with Hollie/Jarin and kids. I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't really expecting to blog about it, but I kind of wish that I had because it was really fun. Hannah got in free, but I had to buy a wristband to go on the rides with her. They had a lot of kids' rides, a mini golf course, and a rock wall to climb. Hannah went on all of the rides, a roller coaster included (on my lap). There were also bumper boats and a small race car track. We might have to go again someday.

Scott started school again. I am going to feel like a single mother again for the next year and a half. He is not planning on taking another break until he graduates. Here are the classes that he is taking this semester:

Statistics 334
Math 112- Calculus
Organizational Behavior 320
Religion- Teachings of Living Prophets

I am currently looking for a job, too, because he is going to be busy for the next couple of semesters. I hope to only work at night (or a stay-at home job if possible), 3-4 nights a week. If you know of anything around here, let me know.

I made my first sushi meal.....well, technically not real sushi because there was no raw fish, just a can of tuna...but close enough. Scott LOVES sushi, so I decided to try to make some. Next time I will buy some crab or something. I'm not a big fan of seaweed, so after a few sushi rolls I start to feel sick. I'm more of a soy wrap, chicken and cream cheese, type of roll person. These look pretty sick in this picture, but they tasted OK.

Anyway, so that's been our week so far. I hope that your week has been just as peachy!