Saturday, October 30, 2010

I missed these girls while we were gone. They're so stinkin' cute.

Please excuse the muffled voice. I was sitting right next to a vent.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, I have a lot of videos and pictures, so bare with me here. We took Hannah to Disneyland for her birthday, and we had a blast! It was a looooong car ride, though. We first took Bailey and Brynn to my sister's house in Arizona. It was a beautiful car ride there. We went over a canyon and saw lots of beautiful fall trees. The only problem was that we were on a one lane road almost the entire time and it was really windy (Is that how you spell that? I guess it can be used as two different words). Hannah gets car sick so she threw up in the car. Poor baby. The girls were really fussy, too, so that didn't help. We finally made it to my sister's and then left the next day for Anaheim. That trip was a bit easier since Hannah just played or watched a DVD the whole time, but it was pouring rain for most of the trip. We got to our hotel and went out with some friends for dinner who live there. The next day it was off to Disneyland!! So here are the pics and videos.......

Here we are walking to the entrance on the first day!

Later that day we met up with our friend, Wendi, and her two kiddos. It was so fun to see them. Hannah misses her friend, Jill, so much.

It's definitely a small world

Hannah and Jill

Wendi and I watching the kids play in Toon Town

The Tea Cups

The next day, Hannah insisted on getting her face painted. She had people staring at her and commenting all day. I think she felt special!

Us on the ferris wheel

Meeting the characters:

This next video was Hannah's first time meeting a princess. She was star struck. I don't think she said more than 2 words and she forgot how old she is.

Dance Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah got a balloon that she took a picture of. Unfortunately, it popped on our way back to my sister's house. Scared the crap out of Scott and me because it was midnight when it happened. We thought our tire blew, but luckily it was just the balloon.

Hannah's all time favorite ride.......THE MATTERHORN! We went on it 4 times.

The ride home was horrible as well. We could tell our brakes were going out by the awful grinding noise that occurred every time we hit the brakes. Luckily we made it to my sister's, but we had to stay there an extra day to get them fixed. Overall, though, I'd do it again in a heart beat. I can't wait to take Bailey and Brynn some day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Birthday Girl!

Hannah turned 4 on Sunday! FOUR!! I can't believe how fast this child has grown up. I love this child to death, but I'm crossing my fingers that this year will be a little bit easier than last, and that the whining and tantrum throwing will start to cease.

Last year she was into Ariel, this year it was Belle. She wanted basically the same cake that she had last year, but with Belle instead of Ariel.

The next day, she tried on her new nails that she got as a present. So cute!
Her birthday was on a Sunday and we chose not to go out because we wanted to keep the Sabbath Day Holy, but we did go out the night before, and I surprised her by having her cousin spend the night on Saturday night. If you've been checking my blog for the past three years, then these next pictures will be no surprise to you. We've gone to Hee Haw Farms every October since Hannah was a baby. So this is where we took her on Saturday before we picked up her cousin. I really like this place for little kids. They even had a corn maze this year that we tried to get through, but after about a half hour, we decided to go back to the start because it was taking too long to find the finish, and I was starting to get anxiety. I didn't get a ton of pictures this year, but I did get some videos. I will post more videos of this tomorrow and add it to this blog if you want to watch them.

The Corn Box:

Hannah Then:

Hannah Now:

Us on the hay ride:

A couple of videos from Hee Haw Farms:

Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Dancing Queen

Hannah started a ballet class on Tuesday, which she loves to far. They didn't learn a single dance step (in fact, they spent half the class stretching), but I think Mr. Mike was trying to teach them how to follow directions and how to find rhythm. It's only a 5 week long class, but I'm trying to see what Hannah is interested in. She took a tumbling class in the summer, which she also loved. I guess we'll see which one she likes better, so I know what to put her in in the future.

My mom bought this adorable tutu for Hannah's birthday. She's lucky because she's gotten to open two of her presents early (her bike and now this).

She's not too excited about having a boy teacher, but she's just going to have to deal with it.

I think she's the only brunette in the entire class.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to watching her over the next few weeks. Maybe she'll fulfill my dream (right after being a stay at home mother, of course) of becoming a dancer.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Another Favorite!

I feel like Oprah here giving away a few of my favorite things (with the whole peanut butter playdough and sausage casserole too). This is currently my favorite youtube video. Not that I'm on youtube that much, but I listen to this song almost everyday and my girls all love it too. I almost like it better than the original songs. I think this guy is really amazing but kind of cheesy in some of his videos. I guess he'll be on Ellen on Thursday, so you know what I'll be watching!