Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's been over a month since our last post and for that, I am sorry. Quite a bit has gone on. I turned a quarter of a century, Jake and Kerrie left for North Carolina, we moved to their aparment, and Hannah continues to get bigger. Maran has been to 2 appointments since our last post, and everything is still going well. Hannah moves around more than ever, and likes to put Mom in uncomfortable situations. Just about 6 more weeks until she comes, and I for one, am very excited. We have her room just about set up, and it looks really cute. Right now she has a lot of clothes, her crib, and next week we will go pick up her changing table. Hannah can thank her Grandmas and other family members for all of her neat stuff. The only downside is that she will have to share the room with me, because it also doubles as our office. Maran is also getting exicted to get her out. She should almost be about 5 pounds now. Maran will start going to the doctor every week soon, so we will keep you updated.