Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar Plum! I am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED to have you!

I know I said that I wouldn't blog for awhile, but it's my husband's 27th birthday today, so I must blog! Actually, it's almost 1am on his birthday but I can't sleep, so I'm blogging. I figured for his birthday I would list the top 27 reasons why I love him.

1. His InCrEdIBLy HOT angel looking face
2. His body is WAY more chiseled than your husband’s
3. He is AmAZingLY spiritual. He cries almost every Sacrament Meeting and everyone in the ward thinks that he is going to be a GA (general authority). In fact, they usually go to him for advice rather than the Bishop.
4. He is SO athletic and is the BEST EVER at basketball, football, soccer, golf, baseball, water polo, whirlyball, running, eating contests, boxing, and dancing.
5. Everyone thinks he is the funniest person they have EVER met. Just the other day he was doing stand-up comedy at the front of his class and had everyone rolling 4-Ever!
6. Seriously the hottest eyes I’ve ever seen.
7. He cooks and cleans all the time and waits on me hand and foot
8. He doodles my name with a heart around it EVERYWHERE. In fact, his school notebook is full of them rather than notes he’s supposed to be taking.
9. He’s seriously the SmArTeSt person ALIVE. He’s totally going to make more money than any of you will.
10. Romantic- every night before bed I find flower peddles from our living room all the way to our bedroom with a HUGE bouquet of flowers waiting for me on our bed. Candles are usually lit as well throughout the house. What? Your husband doesn't do this for you? Oh, sad day....he must not love you as much as my husband loves me.
11. WAY straighter and whiter teeth than anything you’ve EVER seen.
12. Buys me gifts and presents just because
13. SOOO loyal- he never EVER looks at other women. He stares at my BEAUTIFUL face the entire time we are out together.
14. He can read a 500 page book in less than an hour
15. EVERY girl wants him but can’t have him…too bad for them he wanted MY awesome self.
16. He doesn’t have a single bad habit.
17. EVERY little child wants him as a daddy because he’s THE BEST!! They often cry when they have to go back to their own lame-o daddys.
18. He texts me every 5 minutes on the dot to tell me that he LOVES me.
19. He writes the BEST poetry EVER.
20. He ALWAYZ has a small bottle of bug spray in his back pocket because he knows that I HATE bugs.
21. Gives hundreds of dollars to charities because he feels sorry for poor, ugly people.
22. He has the cutest clothes EVER made with the BEST name brands.
23. He tells me 102 times a day that I’m way prettier than EVERYONE.
24. He stays up late EVERY night to snuggle with me and listen to me let off steam.
25. He takes me horse-back riding near the ocean AT LEAST once a month
26. BEST handy man EVER! He built an entire house once in less time than those guys on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
27. He watches shows with me like The Bachelorette and cries with me because he knows that we are supposed to “Mourn with those that mourn,” and plus DeAnna chose the wrong guy with that disgustingly crooked nose, so who wouldn’t mourn?

Okay, I know what you are thinking, ‘What in the world is going on here?’ Well, thanks to my friend Kate, I have been checking out this blog (if you have extra time I would suggest reading a few of her posts) a couple of times a week that basically makes fun of young Mormon couples who blog about how perfect their lives are. I have read a few blogs like the ones that she is making fun of (none of yours, of course) so I find her blog HILARIOUS. So, even though I believe a lot of the above things about my husband are true, this was an extreme over-exaggeration. I do love him, though, and I think he is great. Happy birthday to my sweet, hot, funny, smart, compassionate, loyal, spiritual, athletic husband! Please give him a shout out!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Friday

I had to post two videos this week because there are just too many good clips to choose from. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hannah Update

I know that I have blogged a lot this past week and I apologize for that. I know that a lot of people are on vacation these days and busy with summer fun, so I was trying to tone down the whole blogging thing because it didn't seem like people were checking our blog as much, but since I did a Scott update, I figured I better do a Hannah update as well. Then I will stop blogging as much for a little while except for "Fun Friday."

So first of all, I'm not one of those mothers who puts makeup on their daughters and dresses her up, etc. However, Hannah has been so into my makeup lately, and I wanted to see what her long lashes would look like with mascara, so I put some makeup on her. She really liked it...typical girl. Here is a picture. Please excuse the blotch job on her eyes. It's extremely hard to do eye liner on a one year old.

Yesterday Scott, Hannah, and I went to the Veteran's Memorial swimming park. Hannah LOVES going down that big white slide on our laps. I think she's a bit of a dare devil.

I like reading other people's posts about cute quotes that their kids say. I get excited for the day that I can post cute quotes that Hannah will say. She is getting pretty good at forming sentences these days, but most of them aren't too original. So here is an example of some of the stuff she says to me.

***Side Note: I don't like boogers. They gross me out, but let's face it, everyone has them. Whether you're one that uses a tissue or one that just uses your finger and wipes it on whatever is closest to you, we all pick our noses. Anytime I see a child or an adult with a booger, I feel my stomach start to get queasy....especially if they end up sticking that booger in their mouth....then I start to gag. That and poop are seriously the sickest things on this earth to me.
The only exception to me not getting grossed out is when my daughter has a booger. If she has something in her nose, I have to get it. It's like my finger is drawn to her nose anytime I see something coming out of it. I guess I just feel so bad for her because she is somewhat helpless when it comes to getting things out of her nose and it really doesn't bother me to do it.

So, back to her quotes. I was trying to get a booger out of her nose the other day, and she said to me very loudly,

"Don't Do Dat!"

Oh boy! Hannah is normally a very polite little girl. She often says "please" and "thank you" and even recently started saying "Excuse me" after she burps or when she wants to get around me. However, she has also started to be very demanding. I started laughing really hard after she told me to "Don't Do Dat!" because it seemed like such strong words to come out of such a tiny body. I've since realized that I need to watch what I say because I'm pretty sure that she got that phrase from me telling her to stop doing something. I should probably be more polite to her.

Anyway, then tonight she had a book in her hand and she was giving it to me. As soon as I was about to grab it from her, she pulled it back to herself teasingly and said,

"No. Dat's mine!"

What happened to my sweet little baby? Oh well, the terrible twos are quickly approaching. She is still cute, and I can't help but laugh at her when she tries to boss me around.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scott Update

I was hoping that Scott would update you all on his life, but he told me to do it, so here it goes. As many of you know, Scott was planning on majoring in accounting. He was supposed to apply this summer to get into the BYU program but ended up not finishing an online class before the application deadline. So, instead of waiting a whole year to apply, he has chosen to do something different. He is majoring in Actuary Science, and about 90% of the people I tell do not know what this is. I was planning on majoring in this before Sociology, so I already know what it is and what the major consists of. Basically, it's a form of statistics. Here is a definition from Wikipedia of what an actuary does:

An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

Actuaries generally work with insurance companies and figure out rates for people. The only problem with this is that there are tests that you have to take after you graduate. The more tests you pass, the more money you make. Sounds easy, right? Well, according to Wikipedia, each test takes 400 hours to study for and less than 50% of people pass them. That worries me a bit, but if he does pass all of tests he can make a lot of money (not that that is what's most important). I really don't want him to be studying a lot, though, after he has already graduated. I have already been very deprived of his presence as it is. However, I think it's a good major and I am proud of him.

The second news about Scott is that he just got released from his calling in the Single's ward bishopric on Sunday. We will be going back to our married ward this Sunday, which I am excited about (Hannah will get to go to nursury:):):):). However, we will miss the single's ward. I guess I didn't realize how much our testimonies strengthened until we said our goodbyes this past Sunday. It truly was a wonderful experience for both of us, and we are sad but excited to go back to our ward.

So, that's Scott's update. I hope you absolutely loved it:)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Miss Negativity

Sometimes I feel like I am a negative person. I can usually look at a situation and find the positive and the negative in it. This could be a good thing because it makes me a realistic person, but I wish that I were more positive about things. I don't want to be a downer to other people, so I apologize if some of my blogs seem really negative. What brought these thoughts on was the sight of our newly remodeled bathroom. While we were in CA, our landlord had some people redo our bathroom. I don't have any before pictures of it, but if you haven't seen our bathroom before, let me paint you a picture. It had brown and white linoleum flooring (which was terribly water stained), fake/plastic yellow and green tile on the walls, and a gray tub, shower, and toilet. Here is what it looks like now:

It looks SO much better than it did before, and we actually have real tile on the floor and in the shower. Here is why I'm annoyed with myself. Even though I am so grateful that our bathroom was redone, there are a few things that bug me about it.

First of all, our vanity area used to be about six inches away from the wall. They moved it all the way over to touch the wall which I like, but the problem is that our mirror is also a medicine cabinet and can not be moved. So, the mirror is not centered with our vanity area. This annoys me. I like symmetry.
I also noticed that our window isn't centered in our shower. I guess it was never centered, but it's definitely more noticeable in a tile shower. The left side of the window can fit a tile and a half while the right side could probably barely fit a tile. Another problem with symmetry!
The last things that annoy me actually have to do with the job that was done. The people that did it had to take off our door and door frame to get the tub in and out and they totally jacked up the door frame. We need to repaint it because it looks really bad.
And finally, they left dried paint all over the carpet right next to the bathroom, which really annoys me because I can't get it up. I hope that we will be getting new carpet, but I don't know if we are for sure.

Anyway, this is why I'm annoyed with myself. Why can't I just be happy with the fact that our bathroom looks so much better? Maybe someday I will be a more positive person, but for now, we'll just call myself Miss Negativity.

Fun Friday

Ok, so I thought since I love the show "The Office" that I would post a different clip every Friday for you all to enjoy until the new season starts in September. You don't have to comment on them, but just know that it is for your viewing pleasure. Maybe I can convert some of you to start watching it if you haven't already:) We'll start with one of my favorites. I can't really choose one favorite, just because I have too many that I love, but I laughed at this one for a long time the first time I saw it. Oh, and you might have to turn up the volume because they are kind of quiet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another trip to Cali!

First of all, I just need to talk about our camera. I wanted a small camera for my purse for when we go places because our nice Nikon is way too big to lug around. We bought a small camera a few weeks ago and used it at the rodeo that we went to. I didn't like the blurry pictures, so we took it back and bought a different one that was supposed to be better. We used it for a lot of this vacation and when I looked at the pictures, I was disappointed. A lot of them came out blurry, so I've decided that it is worth it to lug around our big camera and get great pictures. I guess I've just been spoiled with our nice camera so no other camera will do. So, sorry for some of the blurry pics. The ones at the BBQ and Jelly Belly factory were taken with our nice camera. You can definitely tell the difference.

Now, onto our vacation. The first half of it was actually a bit of a nightmare. When we drove to California, we were making great time until we got to the Sierras. We had stop and go traffic for about an hour and a half, and when I've already been in the car for 10 hours, an extra hour and a half is something that makes me so anxious to get out of the car. We finally did get there and that night and every other night were were there, someone was throwing up with the stomach flu. I don't understand why every time we get together with my family we always get sick. Out of 14 of us in that house, 10 of us got it. We were so lucky that Hannah didn't get it, but Scott and I both got it. On the days that Scott and I weren't sick, though, we had a great time. My sisters Jennifer and Hollie and their kids were also there visiting. Here are some pictures:
We went to the Jelly Belly factory while we were there to take a tour. The line was gargantuan, but it was a fun experience and it was free!
Hannah, Scott, Hailey, Kaden, Dallin, and Kamrie with Mr. Jelly Belly

My nephews Kaden and Dallin with Hannah in the car.

Hannah and my niece, Sienna. Hannah loves Si Si.
We had a BBQ on Saturday night at my mom's house with my cousins and aunts and uncles. The above picture is my cousin with his two beautiful girls.

We had a chocolate fountain at the BBQ and Hannah got it all over herself.

We also had a bounce house at the BBQ, which the kids loved.

My niece, Ella, loved the chocolate fountain too. She looks so cute:)

Hannah trying to feed me her chocolate fingers

Saturday morning we went to Someplace Fun with my dad and step mom. Here is Hannah getting her hair done, which ended up falling out within the first hour.
This place had a lot of bounce houses and slides, a carousel, video games, basketball courts, etc. I found myself feeling like a kid again as I was racing Scott through a bounce house maze and spinning in a tea cup until I almost barfed with my niece, Kamrie. I even got a few battle wounds.

Grandma Price and Hannah on the carousel above and Hannah with daddy on the carousel below. I think this was her favorite thing to do there.

Above is Hannah on the huge slide by herself. She told me that she wanted to go by herself and we were afraid that she would be scared, but she actually LOVED it.

Hannah with me on the slide

Hannah with Si Si and Ella on the little fire truck

And of course, there was lots and lots of swimming and water fun at my mom's house. Hannah loved this slip-n-slide.

We ended off the trip with a family home evening around the fire pit while roasting marshmallows. We were sad to go home yesterday, but are happy to get back into our normal routines.

Hannah misses everyone. Seriously, I don't know how many times she's said all of your names today. I have to keep reminding her that we are not going to see you all again for awhile:(

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Busy Week

This week has been pretty busy for us. We've had Scott's mom with us for the past week and a half, which is always fun, and we've had my family in town this past week, too. The busy week started off with Scott's cousin's wedding. She was such a beautiful bride and her reception was beautiful as well.

The picture above is Hannah and Madison, Hannah's second cousin. They were so cute together this week.
Hannah's yellow tooth
I love Independence Day here in Utah. Everyone is so patriotic here. Every year Provo has a huge parade that thousands of people go to, and we are lucky enough to live only a block from where they have it. Every year that we have been here, I have been able to sit with my family and watch it. My brother-in-law usually camped out on our lawn to get a good seat for the parade (seriously, it's that big of a deal that people are willing to camp out to get a good spot). This year was different, though. None of my family came to it, but we were lucky enough to find some members of our ward to sit by and Hannah seemed to really love it. I love that everyone gets so dressed up and a lot of the kids have flags that they wave. Sometimes when I think of our country I get a little bit emotional, because I am so grateful to live here.

Hannah and her B.F.F., Kelly, at the parade.
Llamas are funny animals and that's all I have to say about that.

There were a lot of army trucks and war veterans in the parade this year.
After the parade, we headed to Hanna, UT for a Meyer family reunion (this is Scott's step-dad's family). We probably didn't know 80% of the people there, but we still had a lot of fun. The campground is beautiful. It's right next to a river and out in the middle of nowhere. Above is a picture of the outside of the cabin that we got to stay in.

Hannah and dad walking to the pond
Here are some pictures of the cute cabin that we got to stay in for one night. It's a lot nicer than our apartment.

Here's a picture of the pond that had paddleboats and canoes that we could ride in. Hannah loved this! The water is disgusting, though, so I didn't think that swimming in it was such a good idea, but some of the kids there thought otherwise.

family pics

Hannah and Maddie taking a picture together...they were serisouly so cute together.

They had a few fun activities for the kids. One of them was throwing a rubber duck down this slip-n-slide. Most of the kids ended up throwing themselves down the slip-n-slide.

Here's me trying to hula hoop. I used to be able to do it, but for some reason I can't move my hips like that anymore. I'll have to practice for next time.
Here's the duck that Hannah got to keep after the slip-n-slide game. We came home late last night from the reunion and were able to spend some time with my family today. Tuesday we are off to California for a week, so stay tuned for some pictures from that little vacation.