Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks with family in town. First we had Scott's dad here for Hannah's birthday and then we had the rest of both of our families here for the babies' blessings. We miss family a lot sometimes, so it was nice to see everyone.

It's become our tradition to go to Hee Haw Farms every October, and this year was no different. We took Hannah and the girls to this little place and loved every minute of it.

Above is Hannah, Grandpa Sprague, and Brynn

Hannah has grown quite a bit since last year

This past Sunday we blessed the babies in church. Let me just tell you that there's nothing hotter to me than my husband giving our children blessings. I'm not much of a crier, but I couldn't stop the tears from coming as my husband took both of our girls in his arms and gave them both very sweet blessings.

Here's our family at the luncheon afterward.

I really wanted to crop the above picture (actually, I'd really like to crop myself out of this I've made clear in a previous post, I'm grossed out with the 15 lbs that I still need to lose) but my husband just put Windows 7 on our computer which wiped away my program that crops pictures. Oh well. This is me, my mom, and my three sisters with the babies. This was pretty much the only picture I got of anyone at the luncheon. We had a lot of family there but I'm lame and didn't get pictures of anyone else.

Beautiful blue-eyed cousins

I tried to get a good picture of the girls in their blessing dresses, but this was probably the best one I got. Bailey was not a happy camper.

Thanks to those of you who came out for the blessings. We really appreciated it and loved seeing all of you.


Brenner Family said...

So precious Maran!
and would just like to point out that I looked at the picture of you before I read what you wrote and was thinking to myself, "Man she looks AWESOME for having twins a few months ago!" Seriously you look AWESOME! Give yourself some credit :)

Mom said...

Those pictures of Hee Haw farms are hilarious! Love the one of all five of you in the cut outs. Hannah is so brave! That slide is huge! Anyway, the blessing was awesome. Scott's words made me cry too. The love you guys have for your children is sweet and can be seen and felt. We had a wonderful time, although it was very short. Your girls are adorable.

Grandma Julia said...

I was so sad that I wasn't able to take Hannah to HeeHaw Farms this year! We've been there together the last two years!! But...glad to see that she got to go with Grandpa Sprague...looks like you all had a great time. As for the weekend, there is no greater joy than to be with my family and all 3 of those beautiful girls. Tears came to my eyes on several occasions as I felt such gratitude for you and Scott, and the family that you share with all of us. It is the reason I smile when things aren't the best. I love you all so very much, and can't wait to see you again. It is always great to see your are very lucky Maran..kiss the girls for me, and could you give that boy of mine of hug too. I think he's pretty wonderful!

Jen said...

Thanks for letting me stay with you! I had so much fun snuggling those babies and Hannah (even though you won't let me take one home :-) They are so adorable and I miss them already.

You'll have to dress them back up and get a good picture in their outfits...they looked so cute.

And Scott gave them both beautiful blessings...I was crying too.

Cori said...

#1 I totally get what you are saying about how hot it is when your husband uses his priesthood. I feel the SAME way.
#2 You look SO good, and no I am not just saying this. Give yourself a break. You just had TWO babies at the same time!!! A lady in my ward had multiples and said she just didn't look in the mirror for a year. (She had triplets) She said her belly hung down to the floor. You're doing great!
#3 We need to talk! I'll call you again this week. But this time in the evening!