Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hee Haw: It's Officially A Tradish

Last night we went to Hee Haw farms! We also went last year with Hannah, so I think that we are going to try to make it a tradition until we leave good old Utah County. My mo-in-law is visiting this week as well, which is always fun. Hannah loves Grandma Julia so much! We were able to go to Hee Haw Farms last year with her, too, so maybe we'll have to make it a tradition that she is up here every October to go with us! I really love this little place. It's perfect for younger children. Hannah LOVED it! Here are our pics:

A huge improvement from last year. Hannah was terrified of these goats last year. This year she actually let them lick some food out of her hand.

The pig above is Leroy. I think the name fits him. He's the biggest pig I've ever seen.
Hannah grew a whole head and neck since last year! What a big girl!

This is the corn box. After having a corn fight with Hannah and Scott, all of us had corn in places that shouldn't have corn in them. Scott and I found corn in our bed this morning. Nice.

Hannah and Grandma Julia above

They also had a big hay trampoline

and a train ride
and free pony rides (which was kind of ghetto because it was just a young girl controlling the horse. The horse started to gallop a few times which led us to have to run beside it so that Hannah didn't fall off).

and a big slide.

There were many more activities as well, but I won't post all of them. They also have a pumpkin patch there, but their pumpkins are kind of lame so we bought some from Albertsons today. I love Halloween time!!


kerrie said...

Looks like fun! We probably should have done that instead of the scarecrow festival (although we wouldn't have gotten that sweet photo with Shawn Bradley). Glad you got to go with Grandma Julia.

Jen said...

I remember Hee Haw farms... it looks like they've added a few things. I can't believe what a difference a year makes-- Hannah was just a little baby a year ago.

RachelBarker said...

you guys are so cute!! I feel like I just looked at these pics from last year. Love Hannah as a pirate. I just love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!