Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween, etc, etc,

I have a few things I would like to blog about but I'm just going to put them all in this one blog because I don't feel like writing 3 different blogs. First off, Halloween. We had a wonderful Halloween weekend, complete with a scary Halloween meal (which we actually had tonight for dinner).

We had a dead hand,

scary mouths with sharp teeth,

and mummy hot dogs to eat.

Last night was an awesome night. We stayed around here (rather than going to my sister's house like we usually do) to go trick-or-treating. I was worried that it would be boring for Hannah to go trick-or-treating without her cousins, but she actually had a lot of fun and the night turned out great. Before each house I would remind her to say "Trick or Treat" as soon as the person would come out the door, but she'd always forget to say it. I think seeing the bowl of candy would always distract her. After we got home from trick-or-treating, we built a fort and let Hannah stay up late to watch a scary movie with us. After 20 minutes into the movie, she decided she didn't like it so we finished off the night with an episode of Dora.

I didn't dress up the babies this year because they were in their stroller the whole time anyway, but they did wear their Halloween outfits.

Hannah was, of course, a princess. She had to have a purple princess dress. She's VERY picky about what she wears.
I'm posting both of these closeup pictures of her because I just think she is beautiful, and I couldn't decide which one I like better. She literally has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. If you noticed that she's wearing a different crown in these pictures, it's because these two were taken last weekend at our ward Halloween party and the other one was taken last night.

This is Hannah and her friend Jill. My friend, Wendi, made that adorable witch costume. She is so talented!

Okay, onto item number 2. Today we went up the canyon and went for a walk up to Bridal Veil Falls. In the almost 6 years that we have lived here, we've never done this before. Sad, I know. We're only 15 minutes away from this beautiful waterfall and we've never gone up to see it. It was a beautiful day and Hannah had fun playing in the water a little bit. So here are a few pictures of that.

If you blow up the above picture, you'll see a tiny Scott and Hannah.

I'm going to miss all of this beautifulness (just made up that word) when we move away from Utah next year.

Finally, onto item number 3. Scott and I have been eating REALLY healthy over the past two weeks (except for this weekend). Everything we eat is whole grain, natural, organic, etc., and we've also been eating tons of fruits and veggies. We've had tons of turkey too: turkey burgers, turkey sausage, turkey fajitas, turkey kabobs, turkey pepperoni pizza. I've also been going to the gym 3 times a week and have done Zumba, which totally kicked my butt, and a hip hop dance class. I've already lost 5 pounds, and this week I was able to squeeze into my size 6 jeans! They were tight as a spandex glove, but at least I was able to button them. I'm hoping that it's not a fluke and that the weight will just melt off me if we keep this up. Either way, it feels really good to be healthy. I do miss my nightly bowl of ice cream, though.


Jen said...

Very cute dinner! I was going to do the same thing with my carrots, but ran out of time, so we just had baby carrots and dip. The girls look so cute!

Good for you on eating healthy! Size 6, wow!

Emily said...

Way to go eating healthy and losing weight. That's exciting! I complain about my weight, but here I am eating chips right now!
Cute scary dinner. I bet Hannah loved that.
Hannah really is a very beautiful girl! I clicked on the close up of her on accident before I had read what you said and thought that she could be in a magazine or something!

kerrie said...

What a fun halloween dinner. I bet Hannah loved it. And Hannah really is beautiful! She has the most amazing eyelashes. Congrats on eating healthy and going to the gym. I wish I lived close to you. I need someone to motivate me.

Mom said...

That dinner is adorable! I want to copy it for next year. Are those pine nuts for teeth? So very cute. You are fun momma.
I love that Brynn and Bailey got to wear Halloween shirts. They are so cute. And yes, Hannah is scary gorgeous. (Meaning, that you guys are in trouble when she hits puberty!Try keeping the boys away!)I am so glad she had a great Halloween. And wow, I am impressed with your healthy eating and working out. It is not a fluke. The secret is.....burn more calories then you eat and the pounds will drop off. That is what you are doing. Proud of you.It is going to take me a year at least to lose my last 17-20 lbs. But you are an inspiration. Keep it up!

gbrooks said...

1-Hannah is gorgeous! And I can't believe how big she is.
2-There are lots of things I won't miss when we move, but the mountains and Bridal Veil Falls I will.
3-Congratulations! I'm not so sure that I'm ready to give up my nightly ice cream yet...

Wendi said...

Holy cow girl! 5 lbs already!? I guess I need to go to some more of those night classes with you! Whew! Major props to you guys for eating so good. That's always the hardest thing for me, for sure.

Hannah was the cutest little purple princess. I loved it. If only we could have gotten those girls to both look at the camera. They aren't looking in my pics either!