Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well we haven't had anything exciting happen this week but I figured I'd better post because I know it's always exciting to read another one (I always get excited when Kerrie and Jennifer have a new one). I got my hair cut last week and decided to get some bangs cut because I was tired of having the same old hair style. I think the girl cut my bangs way too thick though. They were always all up in my eye (they are supposed to be side bangs) so I actually cut them a little bit shorter than what is shown in this picture. Scott says he likes them but I'm not so sure. Some days I hate them and others I think they look OK. What do you think? I think I am going to grow them out again but it was nice to have a change and it's also nice not to have such thick hair in the front.
Something else exciting this week is that Hannah actually decided to take a binky. It's really strange because she's taken it three different times this week and before she would never take it. She still only takes it when she's in the mood but it was surprising that she would even suck on it at all.
And finally we started Hannah sitting in her bath tub (before she was laying on a green thing for newborns). She loves her baths and loves to kick her legs and splash around. It's really fun to give her a bath. Maybe next time we will have some video of it because it's really cute. Well, other than these things, nothing else exciting has happened. Hannah is still sleeping in our room right now because she is not used to her crib yet and I have a cold and missed church today so Scott and Hannah went together.


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her bath. I can't wait to see you guys. MOm

Kerrie said...

I'm glad you posted again. I live for these blogs. Whenever I need a time out from Allie for a minute I come check everyone's blogs. I think your bangs are very cute. I keep wanting to do something like that but I don't think it would as good on me...I have a huge cowlick.

And as always...Hannah is so beautiful! She's growing up too fast.

Anonymous said...

Hannah is growing up way too fast! She is so beautiful - she must get that from her mom. I am beginning to see more of you Maran in her. I am hoping to get back there in March if that is OK. You two can plan a date night, and Hannah and I will have fun just being together! Love to all -
Grandma Julia

Jennifer said...

I think your bangs are super cute! I did this about a year ago and had the same problems. My beautician tells me that my hair grows straight forward, which makes it hard to have side bangs. My hair just wants to fall in my face. It's always nice to try a change though, and I love the look of them. Hannah just gets cuter and cuter! Give her a kiss for me.