Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay so here is the video I promised of Hannah. It's not really anything too special, but she loves it when we come get her when she's not ready to fall asleep. She gets really excited. She has been sick the last few days so she is losing her voice. It breaks my little heart.


Jennifer said...

What a sweetie! She still looks so petite.

Kerrie said...

Allie and I watched this together and when you started talking Allie said, "mama." I guess we must have similar voices.

Hannah is adorable. It's so fun when they are so excited to see you. You just want to reward them with whatever they want.

Mom said...

I used to love walking in (after) naptime when the babies would be standing in their crib. Then you would get a happy smile. I called it my natural high of the day. She is so sweet. I just want to hold and hug her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprague Family,

The video is so cute! Picking up Maddie after her nap time is the highlight of my day especially now that she says a few words. So when I'm on my way to get her, she's already saying, "Mamma Up!" and is moving her arms and legs with a huge smile on her face. It's so exciting. Hannah is such a cutie! I love her smile! Talk to you all soon!

Teresa & Madison