Friday, February 23, 2007

Hannah started sleeping in her crib for real two nights ago. I had a really hard time putting her in another room for some reason but it's actually turned out great. She has been sleeping very well. Last night she went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 5:30. I fed her for five minutes and she went back down until 9:30. This life isn't so bad. I could definitely learn to live with it. Speaking of sleeping though, I was wondering what you mothers think the best way to put your baby down is. Scott and I have been conflicting recently about this a little bit. We both don't want to spoil her but we also don't want her to feel like she is being neglected. Sometimes we let her try to cry herself to sleep and other times we try to help her by bouncing her a little bit. We're just not sure what the best way is right now at 4 1/2 months old. So, if you have any ideas of what the best way is so that your child isn't spoiled, please let us know. We are very glad that she has been sleeping well through the night though (although this will probably change next week, as it always does). Anyway, the first picture is of her in her crib and the second is when she was doing tummy time, she got so tired and frustrated that she just fell asleep.
Other good news this week is that we are about half way through the semester!!! YIPPI! I took my first test this week and Scott took like his third or fourth in his math class. He has a test every two weeks. I guess it's nice because it's only over one or two chapters, but it still stinks to have a test that often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprague Family,
It's Teresa, Cousin Jon's Fiance, I hope you don't mind me looking at your blog and dropping a few lines. I got your website from Ruthann and Grandma Meyer when I was visiting Hanford a few months ago. Hannah is so adorable. I had a hard time putting Madison down to sleep, too. I felt like I had to rock her all the time and if I didn't, I felt horrible!!! Then, one day I lied her down in her bed, she fussed for about 10 mins. and then eventually put herself to sleep. Sometimes she even hums herself to sleep. Now, she is 7 mons old and after she is done eating, I lie her down, she'll play for a while and by the time you know it, she'll be sound asleep. But don't get me wrong, I still do LOVE to rock her, when she wants to be held. Are you all coming to Calif. in June for the anniversary party? I would like Madison to meet her cousin, Hannah. Take care!

Teresa & Madison

Grandma Julia said...

You two worry too much! You are doing such a great job with Hannah! She is lucky she is yours! You do what you think is best for Hannah. I know it is a hard thing to hear your little one cry, but give her 10 minutes, and if she doesn't fall asleep, pick her up for a few minutes to calm her down, and then put her right back down. She'll get the hang of it, but......there will be those days when you can't help but just hold her in your arms and love her, and the is OK too. Just remember this, Hannah needs to adjust to your lifestyle, not you to hers. It will make life easier in the long run.
Love to all, and I look forward to seeing you sometime next month!
Grandma Julia

Kerrie said...

I remember feeling sad when we moved Allie into her own room. I hope it will help you all sleep better though. As for advice...I'd say make sure to have a bedtime routine (i.e. bath, then pj's, then rock with her and sing, then nurse, then lay her down). Two books I would recommend reading are The Baby Book, by Dr. William Sears and Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems, by Dr. Richard Ferber. They are complete opposite approaches. Just go with what you guys feel comfortable doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Hannah is getting so big!She is a doll!Well, I have to say I agree with the above advice.I totally believe in the whole night routine like Kerrie said.Then when you put her down let her fuss for 10 min, then go in and dont pick her up, just say shhhhh, she will cry, but you are letting her know that you are still there.Then leave and give her another 10.I did this with mine and it worked well, but every child is different and it sounds like you guys are doing a great job.I cant wait to meet her!Are you guys coming to EG any time soon?We miss ya!Jill

La Familia Sprague said...

I don't know if you will check this again but I just wanted to tell you that we aren't sure if we're going to the anniversary party yet. We will both be in school at that time but we might be able to make a quick trip down there. We would love to see you guys! And to Jill-we're not sure if we're coming to EG soon. We will for sure by July but we haven't made a date yet. We are excited to visit though. Love, Maran