Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well I got the same genes as Kerrie in that I have a small pelvis and can't fit a baby's head through it, but unfortunately I didn't get the same genes as far as losing weight while breastfeeding goes. I still have at least 10 pounds to go until I get back down to my normal weight and it doesn't look like it's going to come off unless I do something about it. So, Scott and I are having a contest. He would like to lose about 10 pounds as well, since he has gained a few since we've been married. So, by the end of either March or April (we haven't decided yet) we will see who has lost the most weight and that person will get two dollars for every pound lost to spend on whatever they want. So if we both lose like 10 pounds that will be 40 bucks to spend on whatever we want. That's a lot to us right now considering we are poor college students. We rarely get to spend money on ourselves. And don't worry, I know I am still breastfeeding so I'm not really going on a diet, but I am counting calories and watching what I eat to make sure I don't go over what I need. I will be working out a lot as soon as the snow starts to melt too. By the way, it has been almost 50 degrees here this week. That's amazing!! Anyway, we just wanted to let everyone know about the contest because we are both excited about losing the weight (and please don't tell us that we don't need to lose weight because we both know that it wouldn't hurt to get back into shape and lose a couple of pounds.) and we think it will be fun. To be honest, I'm really not expecting for either of us to lose more than 5 pounds but it would be nice if we could.

P.S. I will put the pictures of us facing frontwards after the contest is over because I really look sick in my frontal picture.


kerrie said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but Maran you look awesome! And you do too Scott :).
Good luck with the contest. I like your idea of $2 for every pound. Whether you lose a ton of weight or not, I'm sure it will feel good to eat right and work out (things I still need to work on).

Anonymous said...

You guys look great. But remember Maran that guys lose weight alot faster than girls do. So, maybe you should do percentages like on Biggest Loser. Anyway, I will give two dollars a pound to whomever loses the biggest percent at the end of your contest. Keep me informed! Love yas and good luck. Eat healthy. Mom

Thayne and Jennifer said...

Does somebody want to give me $2 a pound? Maran, I wish I looked that good! Good luck-- as usual I am trying to lose as well.

Anonymous said... you know I love you both right? Where is Hannah in this posting? No where to be found! Please don't let that happen again!

Love ya,

Mom Julia