Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pictures from the past month

Poor baby fell asleep like this with her throw up bowl. She never falls asleep on the couch.

Hannah loves spinning the girls around in our office chair. I love Brynn's face in this one.

And this one...

Again, poor child falls asleep on the couch because of that dang tummy bug.

Want your kids to help out around the house? Hannah loves sliding on her knees in her swimsuit while washing the kitchen floor (just like I did as a kid). Fun for her, and it gets a little bit of work done for me.

Giving kisses

And more kisses.

It snowed, and Hannah looks cute in this picture.

I love it when Hannah leaves cute things on our pillows, like this drawing of Scott.

Cute pictures of Bailey and Brynn by the window.

Visiting Santa! I knew Bailey would be terrified of him.

And it snowed again....a lot.

Our snowwoman.

There was even enough snow to make a snow slide. I didn't make neighbor did, but Hannah had fun sliding down it.