Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Letter K

I was trying to decide if I should make one ginormous post and write about everything we've done or break it up. I think I'll break it up, so we'll start with preschool. Again, feel free to steal any of these ideas if you'd like.

I had the letter K this time, and I was trying to come up with something we could talk about for most of the two hours, but kangaroos and koalas just weren't cutting it for me. I couldn't find a lot of activities to do with those things, so I chose to do kings and kingdoms (and queens for the girls). I read a book about kings, castles, armies, and kingdoms. I bought sand from Home Depot and had the kids find jewels in the sand so they could glue them on their crowns.

They like finding things, so I knew that would be fun for them. After they found jewels and glued them on their crowns, they made sand castles and had little army men and flags to play with so they could build a kingdom.

Then we had kids "pass the king," which they passed the king around in a circle and as soon as the music ended, whoever had the king got to sit in the king's chair with the king's staff and control the music.

I also had them color our kingdom's banner and hang it on top of the castle. We named our kingdom "Kingdom." Such creative kids. ;)

After that, the kids practiced writing Ks and colored a king.

Then I read a story called "Tea For Ruby," about a girl who's supposed to have tea with the queen, but the queen ends up being her grandma, so they have a tea party at her grandma's house. So, we had a tea party.

These cookies aren't the cutest, but the kids liked them. Crowns and castles....delicious!

We also had cheese, turkey, crackers, and chocolate milk. I let them pour their own "tea" into their tea cups. They loved this!

I wish I had gotten pictures of the second day, but we mostly just talked about fire safety and practiced stop, drop, and roll. We also made some really cute Christmas crafts. The end.