Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Food Storage

Scott and I have been married a little over 5 years now and it's always been in the back of my mind to get some food storage. We hear this counsel given over and over in church (if you're LDS), and I just kept making excuses as to why I didn't want to get food storage. Our apartment was too small, we didn't have enough money, etc, etc. Well, my excuses have finally run out and now this big burden can be lifted off of my chest because we finally have some food storage!!! This food would probably only last our family about a month if we're lucky, but if some natural disaster comes, we'll be prepared!! I'm going to continue to add more every time I go food shopping.....a can here, a bottle of water hopefully we'll eventually have 3 months of supply. I'm just so darn proud of myself for finally doing this, so I had to blog. We're sitting on a huge fault line here in Provo, so bring it on earthquakes!! I'm prepared!!


leslie jo said...

Great! It is hard to get started. I reccomend the little teeny book that Deseret book has to help you get all you need. It give you a monthly item to get or something like that.

Maran said...

Great to find you!
There aren't many Marans around :-)

I just spent a week in Utah - Sunday and Monday in Provo!

You have such a beautiful family.

I'd love to connect.

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Jen said...

Great job Maran! I'm amazed you have somewhere to store it.

kerrie said...

Nice!! I'm still holding on to my no room or money excuses though. (Although now that YOU have food storage my excuses don't seem valid anymore). I just might be going to Costco soon ;). Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

Donna said...

WTG! In between conference sessions there was an ad about buying food storage from some company on a monthly basis. You can customize it for your family's needs. If you are interested, I can find out the name of the company. (Something like Shelf Life)