Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been on my own now for a week and a half. I was so scared to take care of three children by myself, but it actually hasn't been too terrible. Sometimes I just have to let one of the babies cry for a few minutes while I take care of the other one. I hate to see them cry but you gotta do what you gotta do to get through the day. Some days I feel like super mom, like yesterday when I took all three kids on a walk around the neighborhood by myself. Hannah rode her new tricycle while I pushed the girls in the stroller. 'I can totally do this whole 3 kids thing,' I thought. It actually turned out pretty good. Other days I feel overwhelmed and tired and wonder how I'm going to survive throughout the day. I certainly would not have been able to do all of this without this woman (my mother-in-law)

and this woman (my mom)

and these two girls

who let this girl come over and play a couple of times a week.
(Sorry, hope you don't mind me posting your pictures on my blog).

I especially could not do this all without this man:

He's such a good father!

I am lucky to have such kind people in my life:)

On another note, Bailey and Brynn have both started smiling. Here's a video of Bailey. I've only gotten Brynn to smile once for me. For some reason she seems to smile for everyone else but for me, it's all frowns :-(. Some time I'll get her on video smiling too and I'll post it. For now, enjoy the video of Bailey because she's so FRICKIN CUTE!


Donna said...

What a great feeling to be able to handle three children two and under!Way to Go! Bailey's smile is adorable!! I can't wait to see Brynn's smile. Oh they are so cute and I miss all three girls so much. Love ya Mom

Kerrie said...

Oh my goodness, that video is precious! I just want to kiss her cheeks. You are a super mom just for surviving every day with three young kids. I wish I lived next door to help. Allie would LOVE to play with Hannah and I would love to watch the babies for you. I'm glad mom and Julia were able to help you out for so long. We can't wait to meet them next month!

Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

That video is too adorable. Brianna smiles a lot, too. But I have to catch her when without her seeing me. Once she sees me, she frowns and acts like she was never smiling or gooing. It's funny. I hope Hannah is doing better with her sisters. Your girls are so darn cute.

Jen said...

She is stinkin' cute! I love her big eyes and round little baby face...I would be mugging on her all of the time (and Brynn too).

I'm glad you've had lot's of help. Making the jump to three kids was challenging for me, and I didn't get two at one time. You are super mom!

Marc and Stacy said...

You ARE super mom!!! Never doubt that! So wish I could help!!! :) What a smiley baby Bailey is! So sweet! I love the spit up--too cute!
I miss you! :) AND them---and I haven't even met them. Montana loves to watch the videos of "Hannah's babies"