Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A lot going on....

A few items on the menu this week....


Can you say "Incredible Hulk?"

Yes...I've said before that my daughter loves to rub any type of lubricant all over her body- yogurt, shampoo, milk, lotion, chapstick etc., etc., and fingerpaints, as shown above. Maybe I should have her be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween.


So Scott and I knew that we were going to get new callings in our married ward and I told him that I would do almost anything besides teach Sunday School or Relief Society because I just don't feel adequate to teach and I get really nervous when I have to speak in front of a lot of people (palms sweaty, rash on my neck, dry mouth,'s not pretty). Of course, Scott and I got called to be Sunday School teachers. I'm actually kind of excited, though, because we get to do it together and it's on a subject I somewhat know: marriage and family. I figure since we are the couple who has been in the ward the longest, this calling actually suits us.


On Labor day we went to a place called "Liberty Land" with Hollie/Jarin and kids. I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't really expecting to blog about it, but I kind of wish that I had because it was really fun. Hannah got in free, but I had to buy a wristband to go on the rides with her. They had a lot of kids' rides, a mini golf course, and a rock wall to climb. Hannah went on all of the rides, a roller coaster included (on my lap). There were also bumper boats and a small race car track. We might have to go again someday.

Scott started school again. I am going to feel like a single mother again for the next year and a half. He is not planning on taking another break until he graduates. Here are the classes that he is taking this semester:

Statistics 334
Math 112- Calculus
Organizational Behavior 320
Religion- Teachings of Living Prophets

I am currently looking for a job, too, because he is going to be busy for the next couple of semesters. I hope to only work at night (or a stay-at home job if possible), 3-4 nights a week. If you know of anything around here, let me know.

I made my first sushi meal.....well, technically not real sushi because there was no raw fish, just a can of tuna...but close enough. Scott LOVES sushi, so I decided to try to make some. Next time I will buy some crab or something. I'm not a big fan of seaweed, so after a few sushi rolls I start to feel sick. I'm more of a soy wrap, chicken and cream cheese, type of roll person. These look pretty sick in this picture, but they tasted OK.

Anyway, so that's been our week so far. I hope that your week has been just as peachy!


Marc and Stacy said...

That picture of Hannah is hilarious. Although she's way too adorable to ever look like the Incredible Hulk! Sounds like a busy week...well, and with Scotts school, a busy couple of years coming up! You guys will make it through, and be stronger and better for it!
You are awesome making sushi! I love sushi, but am always so scared to make it. I should try. That looks yummy!

Jen said...

Cute little Hannah-- that's funny that she likes to rub it all over. Ella came out of Hailey's room with a bunch of red stuff on her mouth and cheeks-- it looked like she had just eaten berries. I asked her what she ate. She said, "No, I put my makeup on." They are so cute and messy at these ages.
That calling sounds kind of fun- as long as it is a somewhat small group. They asked me to be a RS teacher in my BYU married ward...I had to teach about a 100 ladies using a microphone. NOT my favorite calling.
OOh- Calculus at BYU- I can only imagine.
And sushi- yuck:) but good job making it. Although, I don't mind a California roll (is that sushi?)

MOM said...

Hannah, you are so funny. She is going to be a little comedian. Must have been fun washing her off.:)
Wow, Scott has some difficult classes. Good Luck, but I know you will do well. As far as the SS calling, I think that is an awesome calling. What fun to share the class.
Nice try on the sushi. I can say that is one thing I will never make. The thought makes me gag. I am glad that YOU are ambitious enough and confident enough to try making it. (Not to mention Scott "trying" it, hee hee) Guess you guys lived. :)

Wendi said...

Fun new callings! I totally feel the same way about teaching, but glad you are excited about it. Maybe we'll have to come to your ward and go to your class! Cameron has been saying how he wants to go back one more time just to see everyone again. So maybe!? And I love the pics- Hannah is hilarious. I'm calling you this week to have you guys come over soon!

Jed and Kate said...

That photo of Hannah is so funny! What a crack-up! I'm sure you and Scott will be great at your new calling. Jed and I did it for about a year and we loved it--hopefully you do too!
Have you had any more luck being able to read my blog? I wonder if it is just taking a really long time to load the new background or something. Hmm...