Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Pet Peeve

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately-probably because I have nothing going on. I have been searching frantically for a job and might have found something that will work for me. I'll let ya'll know. I'm pretty nervous about it.

*P.S.- Have you ever tried to search for a stay at home job? Every single one I have found has been one of those that you have to pay them first. G-ross! I am not getting scammed!

Anyway, I thought that I would write about what has been on my mind for the last few weeks. *WARNING*- This is another pet peeve of mine and may sound like I'm annoyed.

So I rented this DVD (Barbie Swan Lake) from the library a few weeks ago. We watched it once, and then it disappeared......yeah, completely into thin air. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this DVD. Is it possible that Grandpa Sprague took it home with him and has watched it every night since he left our house? Maybe. Ha, ha, totally kidding Randy, but that's a funny picture in my head. Anyway, we still have the case, but the actual DVD is missing. I've looked under couches, moved the entertainment center, looked behind bookshelves, etc, etc. Losing things is a serious pet peeve of mine. I am more annoyed at the fact that the DVD is NOWHERE to be found, rather than the fact that I am going to owe the library $15 even though I could get the movie from Wal-Mart for $5.

The only thing that I can think of is that Hannah threw it in the trash without me seeing it. Maybe I'll find it when we move. Either way, I'm going to keep searching until my deadline is up on Tuesday. Losing things is seriously one of the most annoying things out there to me.

Sorry this is a lame-o's all I got at the moment:-)


Marc and Stacy said...

I too hate losing things. It's so frustrating...but I have to warn you, you may have a little theif in Hannah...and the reason I say that, is because Montana hides things all the time. I don't think she knows she's hiding it, she just puts things in random places. It happens all the time with our TV remote. We used to find that all the time in the trunk of her little toy car. My sister came over one day, and we couldn't find her shoes for the life of us. We ended up finding them in the tub. The other day, Montana had her sandals one second, the next second gone! I had to put on other shoes because I couldn't find them anywhere. The next day I found them in a kitchen cupboard. Lately, she is so into movies, and she goes in and opens up the cases and brings me the DVD's. I'm missing a few now....
Anyway, point is, Hannah maybe did pick it up and put it somewhere.
I don't know, maybe she's not a kleptomaniac like Tana. :)

Did you check inside other DVD cases?? Ya know like when you are too lazy to find the case and you're putting in a new DVD (or is that just me??)Hope you find it!!!

Jed and Kate said...

Hey, I forgot that I was going to suggest maybe working for Jet Blue from home. A friend of mine does reservations for them from home--I think you have to provide a phone line and have internet. The sweetest thing about this job is she and her family can fly anywhere for FREE!! You should check it out if you're still looking for something.

Joe and Angela said...

Hey, Maran. You could always work for They're a free text service and have "ChaCha Guides" answering questions via the internet. You'd get paid 20 cents a text, and it's really easy to sign up to be a guide. Text 242242 with any question and you'll get a text back with an answer! I do a little extra work for them when I have "downtime" at my current job. I've only been earning about $3/hr, so it's not going to bring in the big bucks or anything! But it's a nice thing to give me a little extra money on top of my hourly pay since I have to sit at my computer here at work regardless of whether people are calling in or not!

Hope you find the DVD!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I guess I'm busted. I've been watching the DVD every night at 8:00 right after Jeopardy. j/k but I hope you solve the mystery. Since my granddaughter would never do anything mischievous, the truth must lie elsewhere.
~Randy S.

Hollie said...

If you don't find the DVD, can you buy it from Wal-Mart and place it in the DVD case (do they have it tagged)? Or maybe you could just offer to replace it versus paying the fine. Sorry, the whole losing things is VERY annoying. We're doing the same thing right now with a saw Jarin bought on sale and was going to post online for more. We can't find it for the life of us. Oh well, there goes $100. It seems like that is the story of our lives. It was probably stolen, like our camera that disappeared seven years ago and was never found.

Donna said...

Those photos on the side are adorable of all three of you. I think Hollie has an excellent point of replacing the lost one with a Walmart one. But, I think you are going to find it soon.

Jen said...

I get annoyed when things are lost too. After we rsvp'd, Kaden misplaced a birthday party invitation and couldn't remember the kid's last name (from school) he missed his party today. The poor kid only invited 4 people and was so excited to have Kaden come. And guess what we found after the party was over?? So annoying.

Joe and Angela said...

Have you tried ChaCha? You get paid to answer text messages on your computer, and you're paid 20 cents a text. If you just do it at night while you're watching TV or whatever, you can make an extra $100 a month.