Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Classic Pictures and Quotes- By: Hannah Lea

I thought that I would post a few pictures of Hannah that we took recently. This first one is for her Grandpa Greg. I believe he bought her this shirt before she was born (or maybe when she was really little). She finally fits it! You can tell she is excited!! Hooray for being able to fit this shirt!!

Yeah, this shirt is TOTALLY a grandpa Greg shirt- he loves hunting, fishing, the great outdoors, etc. He should probably be the one on that show "Survivor Man" instead of the guy they got.

This next picture is of her and my feet. I let her paint my toenails a few weeks ago and here is what it looked like. Not bad for a 1 year old. Obviously, I painted hers, too.

This next picture was actually this morning. I was getting ready in the bathroom while she was playing in my room. A few minutes later she came walking out with a pair of my socks and my sandals on. Scott is going to flip a lid when he sees this picture. People wearing socks with sandals is one of his BiGgEsT pet peeves. I had never even noticed it before I married him. I wouldn't suggest doing it around him unless you want to get made fun of:) I'm sure he'll find this pretty cute, though. My socks go all the way up to her thighs.....oh, and she has the sandals on the wrong feet. Ha! Classic!

Finally, I know I've told you all that I am excited for the day that I can blog cute quotes that she says, and I finally have one!!

So, there is a song by Rhianna called "Umbrella." For those of you who have never heard this song, the chorus goes like this:

"You can stand under my Um-ber-ella ella ella eh eh eh...."

Hannah really likes this song. She happens to have a cousin named Ella, so one day she was singing this song and she said,

"Stand under my Um-ber-Ella, Si Si, Kamrie, Hailey, Taylor....."

Si Si, Kamrie, Hailey, and Taylor are also her cousins, so I found it really cute that because she found the word "Ella" in this song, it made her think of her other cousins as well. Classic!


Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

Maddie likes waring our socks too. But she'll wear a pair of Jon's, which will go to her thighs and a pair of my ankle socks that will go to her knees. She thinks it's so funny. I have a cousin named Ella and Maddie laughs when she hears the Rhianna song. Hannah is such a cutie and not to mention funny!

Esther Noelle said...

How fun you let her paint your toenails! So cute!

That's funny about Seth & Fabiola! I'll have to talk to her about that! They were one of the first people we met in the branch!!

And I bet you guys are dying with excitement about the office starting this week! I know we are! Thanks for helping us get into it!

Marc and Stacy said...

I love that you let her paint your toe nails! That is just too fun. I don't know if I'd be brave enough for that...I'll have to try it sometime!

I agree with Scott...socks and sandals bug me too. But that picture of Hannah is too cute.

And her little song is so funny...she's a smart girl that she put that together with all the names! Too cute.

kerrie said...

Hannah is such a doll! I'm so excited to see you all next month. Hannah did a pretty good job of painting your toenails. I'll have to let Allie try and see how she does.

Mom said...

Hannah is so adorable and funny. She did a great job on the toenails! Very good small muscle control to keep the paint on the nails! And a great memory to remember the names of some of her cousins, some of whom she rarely sees! Love her!

Jen said...

I'll have to let Ella listen to that song! What a smart/funny girl to put that together. She did a fantastic job on your toenails-- at first glance, they look a little bloody! Ella really wanted to paint her dolls toenails the other day. She got out Haileys lip gloss and started painting them. Maybe I'll have to let her try to paint mine :)