Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane....

Friends. I am so lucky to have such good friends that I grew up with. I went to California again (Scott had to stay here and hoo) this past week to see one of my best friends since the age of THREE get married.

From left to right: Rachel, Maren, Me, Stacy. I have been friends with these girls since I was REALLY little. We were all in the same kindergarten class. Here are a few pictures to prove to you that we have been friends for a long time.
This one was our 6th grade promotion and was the year that Stacy and I became really close. We were about 11 or 12 in this picture. All I have to say is that we all look a lot better now. That was that gross, awkward, "I'm about to go through puberty" stage. Oh, and I stole this idea from Stacy because she was thinking of posting this picture of the 4 of us as well.

This is Rachel and me around age 6.

Maren and me around age 5 (I was actually 4 in this picture; she was 5). It was fun growing up with Maren because we share the same name (spelled differently, though) and we have the same middle name as well, which happens to be Elizabeth.

For Halloween our 5th grade year, Rachel, Maren, and I were three peas in a pod. We look really goofy but it was SO fun and I think we even won a prize at school for the "most creative" costume.
Above is Stacy, Cori, Me, and Maren going to Senior Ball. I had to add my friend Cori in there as well because even though we didn't go to the same elementary school together, I still feel the same about her as I do about these other girls. I love these girls! Each one of them has been a best friend to me in the past. Every time I get together with them I feel that same giddy little school girl feeling. We have SO many memories together and I honestly believe that I will never find friends like them again. After you get married, having a best girl friend doesn't really happen (at least not for me) because my husband is my best friend. I've made some great friends since Scott and I have been married and I am grateful for them too, but I certainly feel like I have a special bond with these four girls. No matter how long it has been since I've talked to them or seen them, it's never awkward and we always have fun reminiscing. I am so grateful that I have had these friends for most of my life and I am grateful to my parents for staying in good old Elk Grove, CA my whole life so that I could keep these friends.

Anyway, I realize that a lot of you who check this have never met these girls but having lifetime friends is such an amazing thing, which is why I hope to never move after we finally get settled into a house so our kids can make lifetime friends as well.

I was very blessed to be able to go to all of these girls' weddings (or at least their receptions). Here are a few pictures from the rest of our trip, mostly from Maren's wedding for those of you who would like to see. Her reception was in my mom's backyard.

Montana (Stacy's daughter) and Hannah

Stacy and me (I spent the night at her house one night)


Marc and Stacy said...

I love you! And thats totally cool that you borrowed the idea, because I'm going to steal your pics...(I don't have a scanner, and I don't have a good picture from the night of the reception).

You will always be one of my best friends. We spent the most crucial years together helping each other, and I love you.

We are so lucky, the FIVE of us, to have been so close and been able to spend so many years together. Sometimes we've been closer to one or the other, but the friendships have always been there and always will be! I totally agree on your sentiments of those bonds being special. They truly are!

I'm just so grateful for blogs helps keep up the friendship. Now that Maren's married, we need to get her in on it!

Love you girls.

P.S. I love the picture of Hannah and Montana in the car seat. They both of no pants on, they both have bed head, and they both of scratched up knees and they're still just gorgeous! :)

I look a little drunk in that picture of us. But it's still cute. :)

Marc and Stacy said...

oops...obviously i can't think straight and I think the word of and have are the same. In that last P.S., I meant have when I said of.

Cori said...

Maran you are so hilarious. I'm seriously dying about your "That was that gross, awkward, "I'm about to go through puberty" stage," commetn. So funny! I totally went through that stage for like 8 years. How cool that Maren's married now!!! PS. Your mom's yard is totally fabulous! And you get prettier everytime I see a picture of you!

Mom said...

Maran, I just love having you and Hannah here. Wish you lived nearby. It is so fun to have someone to talk with!! And Hannah is so adorable and such a sweet baby. I love the way she comes running to us whenever she sees Grandma or Grandpa "D". She is such a happy girl. Thanks for cleaning out my car! It totally needed it and I never seem to make the time to do it. Love ya Mom

RachelBarker said...

Well said!! I totally agree with you with being able to always pick up where we left with no akwardness. It was so fun to hang out with you and laugh. I So wish we lived closer maybe in time.
The picture of me and you...Wow. I look like I just rolled out of bed with bangs going to the right, clothes that don't match and teeth that are jacked up! I look like Brad when he was little, meaning i looked like a BOY! Although Love the pic to look back and remember those Great memories.
We had some good times and lots of them. Too bad in High School I was lame and hung around not so cool people. I have no clue what they are up to and really have no interest. Live different lives. But I am so grateful that when I look back on my childhood,I had the bestest friends God could give a child. Thanks. I hope and pretty sure know we will stay in contact to be life long friends. I Just wish that I could have some kids to play with everybody else's. whateve.
O, one more thing. Trent is my bestest friend too and don't have girlfriends that I do everything together with. I prefer it that way. But I will always have my "MORMON" girlfriends.

kerrie said...

I love that awesome hat you're wearing in your 6th grade promotion! Very stylish:)
I also feel blessed with lifelong girlfriends from EG. Maren looks beautiful in her wedding dress. All of you ladies are babes.

Jen said...

Wow- I didn't realize the four of you were in the same kindergarten class! That is fun to have friends from childhood like that. It's nice that you guys kept the same values too. It was hard to stay best friends with my best friend after highschool.... she was choosing a totally different way. I'd love to see what she is up to now.

Maren looks beautiful (as do all of you girls!). Did anyone get a picture of the rest of the family?- I'd love to see Becky and Sara.

Hannah and Montana are both beautiful little girls and so are their mommies.

Maren Adams said...

Maran I am so glad you put this up! I only got to look at it today cuz I haven't checked anything on the internet for two weeks. But what a sweet blog! I am so glad to have such wonderful friends! I love you so much! I am so glad you were there!