Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's A Sad Day For Me

Well I pre-ordered my Breaking Dawn book a couple of weeks before it came out (which was last Saturday) and I still haven't gotten it in the mail yet. I'm gettin' a bit annoyed here because half of the nation has already read their copy and I still don't have mine yet. It's not that big of a deal and I did save about 3 bucks by pre-ordering it with Walmart. I don't know why I am blogging about this, but I am just getting REALLY anxious to read it.

Hannah and I are going to California for the THIRD time this summer on Thursday, so even if I get the book in the mail tomorrow I probably will wait until I get home next Wednesday to start reading it. But yes, we are going to California again for one of my best friend's wedding and we're excited!! I can't wait to see her on her wedding day!!

But anyway, this happened to me last year with the Harry Potter book and I guess I didn't learn my lesson. The moral of the story is Don't Pre-Order A Book With Wal-mart.


Marc and Stacy said...

I kind of feel your pain. I pre ordered mine through Amazon...thinking that I was being smart. I thought they would sell out. I didn't get mine until Monday which is no big deal, but when people were like, "oh yeah...I bought mine at Target...there's tons." I was like, "What the heck?" Anyway, I'm so excited you're coming! Montana and HAnnah will have fun playing. I have to warn you, I have been sick, but I am pretty much on the tail end of it now. I just would hate for you guys to get sick again on a trip to Cali! :(

Amber and Matt said...

I know I am kind of late but I had to tell you that I loved your post about Scott's birthday. After reading number ten I knew you something was going on but you had me going for a while!