Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yesterday I finally walked for graduation! My parents are in town as well as my mother-in-law for the occasion. I really didn't want to walk at first because I already received my diploma in the mail a couple of months ago. However, I am really glad that I decided to do it. It was a once in a life time opportunity and I really enjoyed it. I am so thankful to our parents and my sister, Hollie and her family, for coming to support me. Here are a few pictures of the event:This is kind of a scary picture of me but I thought it was cool because you can see all of the graduates behind me.
The fam

My family. Please don't mind the shadow on my face.

More of The Fam
Today we went to a luncheon for a friend that graduated yesterday, too. Our friends are from Hawaii, so this was one of the best luncheons that I have ever been to. I wish that I were from Hawaii. They seem to go all out with parties. Our friend is the second one from the right, who just graduated from law school. These guys were awesome at singing and playing their guitars. The food at this luncheon was also awesome....salad, chow mein, shrimp scampi, pork, chicken, beef, sushi, rolls, yum yum YUM!

Hannah and me at the party.

Late this afternoon we went to a carnival at the Provo Towne Center mall with Scott's mom. She wanted to take Hannah on some of the rides. Unfortunately, the merry-go-round was the only thing that she could go on. She seemed to like it at first but was done with it after going round and round a few times. Scott and I were also fortunate enough to go on a ride together. It was painful because I was smashing him the whole time, but we loved it! I can't believe how expensive carnival tickets are now. One dollar and fifty cents for one ticket, and most rides take 3 tickets. I remember when carnival rides were twenty five cents per ticket. Sad day how expensive everything is.

Tonight we went to a BBQ at my Aunt Jo's house. Again, delicious food. I have eaten SO much this weekend. That's one thing I love about having family in town, but then I feel really gross afterwards. Anyway, Hannah and I will be heading to CA on Thursday with my mother-in-law, and we are so excited. I will try to blog while I'm there, but if I don't, it will be sometime after May 13th until the next time I blog.


Jon, Teresa & Madison said...

Congratulations Maran! I'm so excited for you. So do you have any big plans while visiting CA? I'm alittle late but Hannah looks so pretty in her Easter/ Spring dress. Is it homemade? I love the picture where her hair is blowing. She is so adorable. Tell Aunt Julia we said hello.

RachelBarker said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you. What an accomplishment, I'm sure walking made you feel like you can do anything! I can't wait for that day, I'm going back to school in August. BYU-I has the continuing education program like BYU. So, I'll finish up my degree there. I'm excited to see and hang out with you! You look beautiful. Brown suits you. :) Drive Safe

Jen said...

Congratulations!! 'Walking' makes it feel more official. You look cute in the cap and gown. I'm so bummed I couldn't be there. I think you are the first one I've had to miss. I have a little something for you, I will send it tomorrow.
It looks like the whole weekend was full of food, folks, and fun.... my kind of weekend :)

Jed and Kate said...

Congrats on making it official! I didn't want to walk either, but I was glad I did. Looks like the Ahuna's party was sweet! Hey, we might be in UT for a wedding in June...we should hang out!

Marc and Stacy said...

I am SO proud of you!! Congratulations!!! I had tears come to my eyes last night as I read this; what an accomplishment! You're an inspiration to me!!!
I'm so excited to see you so we can all hang out!!! I only work part time now, so we have some more time to spend when you come! Yea!!!
Love you,

kerrie said...

I wish we could have been there also. But know that I was thinking about you all day. I think I mentioned something in the card I sent about finally getting that diploma....I forgot that you already got it. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great weekend. Have fun in CA.

PS Your eyelashes are as long as my fingers. Why didn't I get those genes??

Cori said...

Hooray For MARAN!!!! Yipee, you "officially" graduated now! I'm so proud of you, girl. And it sounds like you had an awesome weekend to go with it. You deserve it!

Cori said...

Hooray For MARAN!!!! Yipee, you "officially" graduated now! I'm so proud of you, girl. And it sounds like you had an awesome weekend to go with it. You deserve it!

leslie jo said...

CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to be in your shoes!

Wendi said...

Congrats Maran! It's such an accomplishment! I'm jealous, so hopefully I'll get to be in your shoes. Have fun in Cali!