Thursday, April 03, 2008

Welcome Back!!

Well, it's back!! Since the writer's strike, I have been without my favorite show and it was devastating to me. In one week from tonight, The Office will be back on for a short time!! The Office has been the best show that I have ever seen. I even like it better than I used to like Full House as a child (and I pretty much watched that all the time). We have all of the seasons of The Office, and it is the only show that I could watch over and over without getting bored.....and I even find it funnier every time I watch it. We have had many people borrow our DVDs and everyone who has, has loved it! However, there are people who find it too crude, which I can understand. It can be crude, which I don't appreciate, but unfortunately I justify it by saying that there are so many other TV shows that are much worse out there. So, here's to you, cast of The Office.....Welcome Back!!!

You probably won't want to watch this unless you are a big fan, which I believe are only a few of you.


Cori said...

Um, I just finished watching a bunch of season 2 episodes while dejunking our room... amen to everything you said.

kerrie said...

Ha, ha...that clip was funny and now I'm so pumped for it to start back up again. I agree, it's the best show out there.

Wendi said...

I totally loved that clip! I was laughing through the whole thing! Only 1 more day!!!