Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another Fun Tag!!!

I just got tagged again today (man, I am so popular....ha ha...j/k), and I figured that since I was already planning on blogging tonight that I would do this tag as well. The point is to show your favorites with pictures only, so here it goes.

Vacation Spot:

Worst Habit:

Well, I've never tagged anyone before because I figured that if anyone wanted to do it that they could just consider themselves tagged. That hasn't worked, so now I am tagging a whole load of you who have not yet been tagged (that I know of). Kerrie, Jen, Hollie, Mom, Jill, Kate, Esther, Angela M, Angela H, Teresa, Amber, and Leslie, you are all tagged. If you don't do this tag, you will have bad luck for 46 years, grow 5 horns, all but your two front teeth will fall out, and you will burn in the fiery depths of tagging "H" (Don't you just love it when you get a forward saying that if you don't pass it on, something bad will happen to you? I must admit that I do think for just a moment, 'Will I actually grow horns if I don't forward this to 9 people?' Then just to see if I actually will grow horns, I'll refuse to forward it on). So, good luck and have fun!!!!

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Marc and Stacy said...

Love these tags...cuz I always learn more about people I thought I knew a lot about. :) I knew about a lot of the stuff...for sure the spaghetti, dancing and nail biting...didn't know you wanted to visit Paris...that's awesome. I'd love that! How is your piano playing coming?
I'm going to start giving lessons soon I think (and voice). Wish you lived closer!!! :)

kerrie said...

I should have the worst luck and a head covered in horns by now with all the tags or forwards that I've received and failed to do. Somehow, I've managed to live through it all. So, I'll be skipping this tag as well.

Just kidding...check my blog in the next day or two. But it probably won't look much different than yours. We're just too much alike.

Jed and Kate said...

I totally laughed when I read the warning on your tag! SO hilarious!

Mom said...

That was a cute blog. My tag would look almost exactly like yours except I don't bite my nails anymore. But maybe I'll do it just for the fun of finding photos that show my favorites. I might add some other favorites too. So when is Scott going to do a tag??? I'm still waiting. (Maybe when school is out?)

Jen said...

It's fun to see your favorites. How come I'm the only one in the fam that would'nt put pasta as my favorite food...