Thursday, April 10, 2008

I See Some Life!

Look at this picture closely (please don't look at my face too closely; that's a really bad angle for my nose). If you look to the left of Hannah's head you will see a tiny yellow flower on that disgustingly ugly bush. This bush was about 12 feet high a couple of weeks ago and was about half way into the sidewalk. It was huge. We chopped it, so today it looks like that. However, I was so happy to see a little bitty flower growing from it. Spring has come later this year than normal and it is still pretty cold here (usually mid 40s). This little flower gives me hope that spring might actually be here soon, and I believe that next week it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees. Hip Hip Hooray and a big Whoopdi Whoop!!!! I am jealous of you Californians whose flowers sprung 2 months ago. Oh well, our time will come soon!


Cori said...


kerrie said...

Woohoo for a cute yellow flower! The bush, however, has got to go. I think it was a weed at one time (probably when Hollie lived there) that just went wild.

PS you look HOT as always. Your hair looks very cute!

Mom said...

I remember over nine years ago taking a photo with Taylor when he was a baby in front of that bush which was kinda nice then. When I saw it last year it was totally overgrown and quite ugly. It will come back. We had an 86 degree day here yesterday and I think today also. So, you guys should be getting the warm weather this week. Hurray for Spring.

Jennifer said...

Man, you guys hacked that thing! That bush is kind of weird and in a weird spot. It will probably look much better now. I think Utah's winter this year has made me glad I don't live there. Pretty soon it will be gorgeous and green, and you'll have the beautiful mountains to hike and picnic at.... that's when I miss Utah.
P.S.- I never commented on your kitchen... it looks great!