Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Our Christmas Vacation

I have a lot of pictures from our trip to California, so bare with me. We had a lot of fun on our trip and often wish that we could live in Sac town again, but we will just have to stick it out a few more years here in freezing cold Utah. Here are some pictures of our trip.....
Hannah on Grandma D's swing. She loves to swing.

Allie pushing Hannah on the swing cute!

Opening presents on Christmas Eve with my mom and Dave. Hannah got an adorable homemade dress, a toy, and some cute boots.

Hannah and Dominic playing with her new toy

On Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Annie's house and had a delicious meal.

Hannah and Aunt Annie's grandson, Ian, on Scott's lap

Christmas morning we were at Scott's parent's house. Hannah got a lot of books, outfits, and toys from Grandma Julia and Grandpa Greg. She was very spoiled this Christmas by all of her grandparents. From Grandma and Grandpa Price she got some toys and from Grandpa Sprague a gift card to Gap. Thank you to EVERYONE who gave us presents! We were all very spoiled.

Eating an apple on Christmas morning.

Christmas afternoon we spent at my mom's house. Every year we have lasagna with meatballs and sausage, and I have missed it terribly for the last two years because we were not able to go home for Christmas. It was delicious, as usual, and I hope that we can come back next year.

Christmas Day

This is the kid's table at my mom's house. They don't look too happy:)

Hannah eating her meatballs.....I think she is a true Price/Trasmundi because she loved it!

I looked over a few minutes into eating my lasagna meal and saw Ella and Allie sitting at the kid's table alone. It's funny how when you're a kid you really don't care much about eating (well, maybe if it's treats) but now that I am older I could not wait to eat this meal.

The day after Christmas, my dad met us at In-n-Out and took the kids to the park next to his house. It was freezing outside, but I think all of the kids had a lot of fun.

Kaden and Hailey on this teeter totter thing.

Thursday we went bowling with the Spragues.

Here's Scott bowling. He did really awesome and scored a 161 in one of the games. I only scored a 111, but I also only played one of the three games because I wasn't feeling very well and Hannah was being a stinker.

Scott's dad, who took the cake. He scored the most points when adding up the three games total points and won by one point. I guess Scott and I will have to practice so we can beat him next time:)

When I count "1,2,3" to take a picture, Hannah knows the flash is about to come, so half of our pictures have her eyes half closed, similar to this one.

Hannah and her first cousin once removed, Sara....they both don't look too happy. Okay, on a side note, I thought Sara and Hannah were second cousins but I just looked it up and they are considered first cousins once removed. Also, mom- I was listening to my video camera of you and Jessica wondering what Audriana and Hannah were to each other and they are considered second cousins. Hannah and Jessica are first cousins once removed. Anyway, I have been wondering this for awhile so I had to look it up.

On Wednesday night, Scott and I got the privilege of going to a Kings game (thanks to his parents). They were playing the Celtics and got their butts whooped, but it was still a lot of fun.

Scott's dad was also at the game but was sitting a few sections away from us.

Before the game, Scott and I got to go up to the court and watch the players practice. This is Mikki Moore, one of the Kings players that was about two feet in front of us. We didn't get his autograph, but on Friday Scott went to another Kings game without me and got Kevin Martin's autograph (who we think is a better player) and also got up on the big screen in front of everyone. I don't have pictures of that, though.

Friday I was sick and tried to stay in bed most of the day. As mentioned earlier, Scott was able to go to another Kings game that night without me. On Saturday, we were able to go to a crab feed at my mom's neighbor's house, which Scott found to be delicious. Then, we had to say goodbye to everyone so that we could leave Sunday to come back here to Utah. We didn't get pictures of our Christmas with my dad and Vickie or with Scott's dad, so I apologize about that. We did have a lot of fun, even though I ended up getting sick and Hannah was so exhausted from the trip that she's still trying to catch up on sleep (she slept around 16 hours on Monday).

Scott and I feel like Hannah grew up a little bit on this trip. Even though she's not walking yet, she is acting more and more like a toddler. Just as Kerrie caught Allie practicing her "mine"s, I caught Hannah practicing her "No"s. I was listening to her through the monitor and heard her saying over and over again, "Nnnnnno." It's funny and was bound to happen eventually. Hopefully I can teach her not to say it to everyone, though, including me.

Anyway, last but not least, on New Year's Eve Scott and I watched a movie that we got for Christmas and fell asleep before midnight. We are getting too old. Next week Scott starts up school at BYU, and I am officially done with school forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. A big thanks to my mom and Dave and Greg and Julia for letting us stay with you guys and eat your food.


Jon, Teresa & Madison said...

I'm glad you all had a nice Christmas vacation to Cali. Jon and I were going to put our trip to L.A. on hold for a day to visit you with Grandma and Grandpa Meyer but then grandpa broke his foot so we didn't make it. Hannah's features are changing and she looks like a big girl. She is too adorable!!! I hope you're feeling better.

Hollie said...

I shouldn't have looked at this blog. It makes me realize even more how much we missed out this year. Oh well . . .I'm glad that you all had a good time though. Hannah is growing up so fast. She is such a cutie!

Jed and Kate said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! It is so nice to be able to go home and be with family! Hannah is totally growing's crazy how much older she looks now! She is SO cute! I love that she says "Nnnnno" when she's alone in her room. That is too cute. We look forward to seeing you guys when we come out for Sundance. Hopefully we can grab a J-Dawg or something.

kerrie said...

We had a lot of fun with you guys. It went by way too fast. That's too funny that she is practicing the word, "no." Jake's in big trouble for teaching her that.

Mom said...

I love all those photos!! The best two are your sweet family in front of the tree and Allie and Ella sitting at the ends of the table alone. That totally cracked me up. Isn't it fun to have so many grandparents/parents to love you guys? We surely do. I know its exhausting but we so appreciate the long trip down here to visit. We miss all of you guys instantly. Love yas.

Jennifer said...

We had a great time with you guys. I love the same two pictures as mom, and the one of Hannah in red. Her eyes are so beautiful. I always have to catch up on sleep for like a week after these trips, but they are so fun. I love staying up and playing games, eating, playing darts, eating, talking, eating etc. (I think the eating part is just me).

Jennifer said...

We had a great time with you guys. I love the same two pictures as mom, and the one of Hannah in red. Her eyes are so beautiful. I always have to catch up on sleep for like a week after these trips, but they are so fun. I love staying up and playing games, eating, playing darts, eating, talking, eating etc. (I think the eating part is just me).