Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Silly Moments

Here are a few silly moments that have happened over the past week.This picture is hilarious to me because she closed her eyes on purpose.

She has been getting herself into this position lately. I have a picture of myself doing this as a baby as well.

Another huge mess.......she dumped a half a box of fish crackers on to the floor and started crawling all over them, smashing them into the carpet.

playing in her toy box

Finally, she has been walking a lot more. Here is a quick video of her taking 4 steps. She's getting very close to walking and will do it when she's good and ready. She usually hates it when Scott and I make her walk and will refuse to do it. I think she'll get better as the days go by, though.


kerrie said...

Those pictures are great! She has such a cute personality. She is getting really close to walking. Get ready for more mischief.

Grandma Julia said...

Isn't she the sweetest?! I love those pictures - thanks for sharing!


Teresa said...

I love the pictures. She is getting so big and will be walking soon. Then you'll be running after Hannah like I do with Maddie. Madison just emptied out her big bag of goldfish last week, too! That's too funny. Hannah is so sweet and has the cutest little voice.

Hollie said...

Hannah is in such a fun phase. I LOVE this age. They keep you laughing and your spirits high--that is if you don't mind messes and occasional bonks as they learn to walk. She is sooo cute.

Jen said...

Hooray for Hannah! She'll be running before you know it. Ella asks probably three or four times a day to "see Hannah in swing". She loves to look at the Christmas pictures from the last post.

Mom said...

Those photos are adorable and made me laugh out loud. She sure is having a fun time. She is doing better and will be walking as soon as she decides to do it. What a doll. Love her.