Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too Good To Be True

About 8 months ago, Scott and I were using Vonage, which is a home telephone service that gives you 500 minutes a month anywhere in the US, call waiting, Caller ID, and voicemail for only 15 bucks a month. The reason it's so cheap is because the phone is connected to our internet, so we always have to have internet for it to work. We thought that was a pretty good deal. Soon after, we found SunRocket, which is basically the same type of service as Vonage but only 8 dollars a month. We thought, 'Wow, that's pretty awesome.' The only catch was that we had to prepay for 2 years worth of service. We thought it was worth it. To our luck, we found out this week that SunRocket has now gone bankrupt and we might not get our money back. Luckily, it's not a whole lot of money that we are losing out on. We've decided to switch back to Vonage, which is still a good deal and if they happen to go bankrupt, at least we aren't prepaying (by the way, if for some reason you are planning on calling our house phone tomorrow it will not be working so call our cell phones). Since I've been an adult and have had to make decisions on my own, I've realized that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Another example of this would have to be some baby wipes I bought the other day. Only 79 cents for 80 wipes seems like a good deal, right? Well the wipes are about as thin as a piece of hair so I have to use about 10 of them on Hannah's bottom each time and their smell will haunt me forever. Once again, too good to be true. Why do I buy into these cheap, no good products? Sometimes it's just better to pay a little extra to get good quality. So anyway, the moral of the story is, as already stated, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.


Grandma Julia said...

Oh, the life lessons that come our way! As for the wipes, we'll go get a big box when I come back, and anything else that Hannah needs.....all she has to do is smile at me, and bingo, it's hers!!! Hugs and kisses.....Mom

kerrie said...

I know what you mean about the wipes. I bought some Albertson's wipes once and they too were paper thin. I always get Costco wipes now. Sorry about the SunRocket bankruptcy. I'm glad you aren't loosing a lot of money.

Teresa & Madison said...

Hi Sprague Family,

I'm glad that everything is going good minus the SunRocket situation. I've been playing catch-up on your blog because I've been so busy with Madison's birthday parties--> 2 down and 1 to go. We've been having so much fun with the jumpers, entertainment,...etc but these parties are also tiring. Madison has been having a blast and her last party is at the zoo and I know she'll have a great time. Now, I have to find a place for all her gifts. Hannah is getting so big and 2 thumbs up on her tooth. She is so beautiful and I love her smile. Madison swims on her own now in the big pool and she has this little pool that she walks in by herself but she will not walk anywhere in the house. She takes a few steps by herself and then she stops and crawls. So where are you all going on vacation. Are you guys going to aunt Julia's? Madison and I are going on a camping trip in 2 weeks which is going to be fun. As for the wipes, I favor the baby fresh scent made by pampers. Take care and talk to you all soon.

Teresa & Maddie

Hollie said...

Sorry about the SunRocket situation. I'm glad Vonage is helping you out a little. It's true that you pay for what you get (unless you're Jake and Kerrie-they always seem to find the deals). Over time you learn to pick and choose what you are willing to pay a little extra for. I'm still learning that lesson.