Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy 9 months!!

Here are some 9 month old pictures I took yesterday in front of our huge bush. I didn't realize until after I took them that Hannah has food crusted on her face.

Hannah turned 9 months yesterday! She is growing up so fast. We went to the Doctor's appointment again and here are her stats.

16 lbs 8 oz which is only 12th%
26 and 3/4 inches tall which is 21st%

She was 26 inches at her 6 month appointment so she only grew 3/4 of an inch in 3 months and a pound and a half. The doctor didn't seem too worried about it, though. It's funny because she looks chubby in a lot of her pictures but she's actually quite little. She still doesn't have any teeth or crawl yet, but she is getting close to both. She can definitely get around the room if she wants to. One thing we found out yesterday after they took her blood is that she's anemic. We have to feed her some drops of iron with orange juice for the next six weeks. I am also loading on the meat in her diet so she can get her iron levels back up to normal. Overall, she's a wonderful baby to have and I think she is at a very cute stage in her life.

On to a new subject, this past week was a fun one for us. Scott's dad came into town last Thursday and was able to stay with us until Sunday morning. We went to 7 Peaks with him, (a water park, in case you didn't know) out to dinner a few times, and shopping. It was really great to have him in town. Scott's mom, step-dad, and brother all drove in on Saturday to be here on Sunday for church. They weren't even here for 24 hours before they had to turn around and drive back home again. It really meant a lot to us for them to drive all the way out here. On Sunday we went to our new ward. Scott got sustained to be in the Bishopric. There aren't very many kids in the ward because it's summer time, but fall should be pretty busy. Something interesting that happened during Sacrament meeting was that an old man fell off the platform he was sitting on during someone's talk because his chair was too close to the edge. It scared us all half to death, but luckily he was okay. This week has been hard for us to get back into school and work. Only a couple of more weeks until our next vacation!!!


Kerrie said...

Those picture are darling! She should be on the cover of some baby magazine. I can't wait to see that tiny baby in a few weeks.

That was wonderful of Scott's family to drive all the way just for one day. We really liked the singles ward during the summer because of how small it really get to know the kids.

Grandma Julia said...

What a great weekend! Way too fast, but worth every minute! I am so proud of your little family, and the great things that are ahead for all of you! And Hannah, I can't say enough about Hannah! She has her Grandma Julia wrapped around her finger (as well as her Grandpa Sprague). I look forward to seeing you all again in just a few weeks. Hugs and kisses to all -


Mom said...

Wow, Hannah is absolutely gorgeous! Those eyes get bigger and bigger with each passing month and bluer and bluer. She reminds me of Hailey in her petiteness. Actually, all my girls were petite, the most weighing in at 17lbs at one year old. So, don't worry, its hereditary. Is she saying any words yet? Love ya