Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hannah has been begging us to get her ears pierced for awhile now. I wasn't too excited about the idea because I thought she was too young. "But some of my friends have their ears pierced," she'd re butte. (She's exceptionally good at rebuttals.) I hate it when that happens. You say they are too young to do this and that but so and so does it, so we must do it as well. My response is usually that our family does things different than another family, but I couldn't find a good reason why not to let her get her ears pierced except for the fact that I just didn't want her to.

Maybe it was my own experience that scared me a bit. I couldn't get my ears pierced until I was 8. I have sensitive ears, so naturally they decided to get infected and close up. I had to get them re-pierced a couple of years later. Then in high school I got a second set of piercings in my ears and a third piercing in the upper part of my right ear. So painful. That last one closed up a few months after I got it because I couldn't handle it anymore. I only wear one set of earrings now, and sometimes I have to take them off if I've worn them too long because my ears start to hurt.

So my experience with earrings has not been the best, but I love to wear cute earrings as long as they don't kill my ears. I told Hannah that maybe she could get them for her fifth birthday. Then with all the whining and attitude that I've been getting from her little 4 years old personality, I told her that if she could go 7 days without whining, throwing a tantrum, and being disobedient that I would let her get her ears pierced now. She had to prove to me that she was old enough to get her ears pierced. I actually wasn't expecting her to be able to do it. It seems almost impossible for a 4 year old to be that good for that long. It took her two weeks to do it, but she did it. She was very good for those 7 days, and I am very proud of her for being such a good girl. I don't expect her to be perfect, but I do expect the attitude and whining to go down a notch after this little experiment. (I'm making it sound like she is a naughty little girl, when in fact, she's usually a good girl. Four year olds can be difficult sometimes, though, right?)

So today she got her ears pierced. She was very tough.