Thursday, February 03, 2011

My 18 month stinkers-

I can't believe these little cuties are already 18 months. Man, it goes by so quickly. Last week was their first week in nursery. They both did well, but I was in there with them the whole time, so I guess we'll see how this week goes without me.

For some reason, all three of my girls have been late walkers. I'm not quite sure why that is. Both Scott and I walked before all of our girls did, so I don't know if it's genetic. Hannah didn't walk until 16 months. I remember thinking that she was pretty late because all of her friends were already walking. I thought for sure my next baby would walk sooner. That was not the case. Bailey started walking at 16 1/2 months (right before Christmas). She's now practically running everywhere she goes. Brynn, on the other hand, is still not walking. I will speak on that a little later. Here's a little bit about each child:


weight- 23 lbs- 31%
height- 30.5 inches-19%

Just this past month Bailey probably tripled the amount of words that she knew. She can repeat almost anything we say in her own little Bailey pronunciation. She's starting to put two and three words together as well. She loves to say "Hello" whenever someone walks in the room. She loves to play bite us on the cheeks, throw away her own diapers, and she thinks it's hilarious when she closes her eyes while walking. She also loves closing doors on Brynn's face and stealing toys. If she doesn't get her way, she usually throws a monstrous tantrum, but only for a few seconds. She's usually a very pleasant child to be around. She's also not as much of a "Momma's girl" as she used to be, which I'm grateful for. Now that she can walk, she doesn't need me to hold her all the time like she used to. She loves to burp and toot at the dinner table. She thinks it's pretty hilarious. She also made up her own little song that goes, "Toot, toot, ahhhh......toot, toot, ahhhh" over and over again. Brynn also likes to sing that song now too. And finally one of her favorite things to do (that she learned from Brynn) is to spit out her water or milk. Both girls do this at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's very subtle, too, so you don't notice it sometimes when they're doing it. They will take a sip of their drinks and just out of the tiniest opening in their mouths, they will let the liquid drip until it goes all the way down their chests and into their diapers. Even though it irritates me, sometimes I can't help but laugh at them because they think it's funny.


weight: 21 lbs 13 oz- 15th %
height: 30.5 inches- 19th %

As I mentioned before, Brynn is still not walking. I knew she was going to be a late walker since she was about 9 months old. She's been late with almost all of her gross motor skills. She didn't sit up until she was 9 months, didn't scoot until 11 1/2 months, and didn't start pulling herself up to a standing position and walking along furniture until about 15 months. Now she can walk with her walker and she can stand up in the middle of a room by herself, but not for long. She's also been into climbing on top of things lately. This morning I left the dryer door open and found her sitting on top of it a few minutes later. The doctor said today that he wasn't worried about her because she has been consistently progressing. He said that he thinks she's so late because she's a twin. That happens more often with twins than with singletons, I guess. Maybe Bailey stole most of the nutrients in the womb or something? However, he suggested that we have someone come out to look at her, just in case something is wrong. So that is what we will do. Everything else about her is normal. She does talk, but not nearly as much as Bailey does. She loves doing hand signs, though, and loves to sing and dance. Her favorite word is probably, "this." She points to everything and says, "this" when she wants it. She also loves to give strangers the crusty look. Don't get fooled by that look, though. She's a very funny little girl and she actually laughs a ton. Her laugh is very contagious.

I love the fact that these girls are finally starting to play with each other. The other day I was actually able to do my makeup and hair without an interruption. Usually I get interrupted by Brynn screaming because Bailey took away a toy from her or Bailey slammed the door on her face. When Brynn does decide to walk, I think there will be more bullying coming from her end. Unfortunately she's the underdog right now. But anyway, it's exciting to get a few minutes to myself these days!