Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Birthday Girl!

Hannah turned 4 on Sunday! FOUR!! I can't believe how fast this child has grown up. I love this child to death, but I'm crossing my fingers that this year will be a little bit easier than last, and that the whining and tantrum throwing will start to cease.

Last year she was into Ariel, this year it was Belle. She wanted basically the same cake that she had last year, but with Belle instead of Ariel.

The next day, she tried on her new nails that she got as a present. So cute!
Her birthday was on a Sunday and we chose not to go out because we wanted to keep the Sabbath Day Holy, but we did go out the night before, and I surprised her by having her cousin spend the night on Saturday night. If you've been checking my blog for the past three years, then these next pictures will be no surprise to you. We've gone to Hee Haw Farms every October since Hannah was a baby. So this is where we took her on Saturday before we picked up her cousin. I really like this place for little kids. They even had a corn maze this year that we tried to get through, but after about a half hour, we decided to go back to the start because it was taking too long to find the finish, and I was starting to get anxiety. I didn't get a ton of pictures this year, but I did get some videos. I will post more videos of this tomorrow and add it to this blog if you want to watch them.

The Corn Box:

Hannah Then:

Hannah Now:

Us on the hay ride:

A couple of videos from Hee Haw Farms: