Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I meant to write this a long time ago, but forgot. For anyone who comes to our site using scottandmaran.com, that will no longer be working tomorrow. We had to pay for that, and we've decided that we aren't going to do it anymore. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be keeping up this blog anyway. Part of me just wants to write these things in my own personal journal and stop blogging, but we'll see. So anyway, make sure you come to our site using scottandmaran.blogspot.com.

Also, my hubby and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary last week! I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Want to hear how our lovely night was celebrated?? It was crazy! I really wanted to go to the Melting Pot since we've never been, but we decided that we wouldn't have enough time to go there and eat because it's far away, and we've been told that it takes a long time to cook your own food and whatnot. So, we decided to go to a fun little restaurant called The Mayan (complete with cliff divers, but I'm not sure how good the food is) and then to a movie afterward. It's about a half hour away from us and we didn't leave until about 6:15. When we got on the freeway there was a ton of traffic due to an accident. Stop and go, stop and go. I was getting really hungry and when I'm hungry, I'm grumpy. So about a half hour into driving we decided to turn around. We were going to go eat at Carrabba's, but when we got there they told us it was going to be an hour and a half wait. No way. So then we went to PF Changs. Hour and forty five minute wait. What is going on here? Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen....forty minute wait, which was better. At this point I was so hungry that I was tempted to go to Taco Bell. But, we decided to try out Spaghetti Factory, which was only a 15 minute wait. Thanks heavens! While we were at Spaghetti Factory the waitress told us the reason things were so busy around there was because UVU was having their graduation that day and everyone was taking their kids out to dinner. Whoops! Guess we should have checked into that. We finished dinner at about 8:20 and wanted to make an 8:15 movie there, but it was sold out when we got there. Boo. So, then we went to another theater, hoping to find something that was going to start soon since we told our babysitters that we'd be home around 11. There was nothing there either. Finally around 8:45, we decided we'd check one more theater and if that didn't work, we'd just go home. At this point we were laughing about how the night was going and we didn't even care what movie we could see, as long as it was something! To our luck, though, there was a 9:25 showing of Date Night, which would get us home right past 11. It was a hilarious movie, in my opinion. The night turned out really good, despite the fact that we were having horrible luck with all of our plans. Next year, we'll back up plan a little better. I must say, though, that with how many places we drove to that night, I'm glad I got to spend it with my hubby. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. It looks like we definitely need to go on more dates alone together!


Jon and Mindy Niu said...

Congrats Maran!! So happy for you both! I also read your previous blog and I want you to know that you inspire me. I married an incredible man who is also 3 years younger than me. Sometimes I feel like we'll never be on with our lives, but I know that the Lord knows the experiences we need in this life to qualify us for the blessings he longs to give us. We are SO BLESSED to have our families and the gospel. I guess that means that we just have to live well along the way and not wait until "better" times. You are the perfect example of that to me ;)

Mom said...

Maran, I am so glad you two had a wonderful night together for your anniversary. You are a wonderful example to many of a loving, healthy, relationship with the ups and downs of young married life. Whether you know it or not, there are many people who read your blog. If you decide to stop, it will be greatly missed (especially by me). But, I would understand. Just be sure to talk to your momma frequently and send photos! Love yas!