Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's the LINK to my cousin's website if you want to see some professional pics of my babes. If you're in the Utah Valley area and need a photographer, I'd suggest going to her. She's pretty awesome.

P.S. Don't mind the fuzz on Bailey's arms and back. The doctor says it will go away in a couple of months. Poor girl. In the mean time, we like to call her "Fuzzy."


Sweet Cakes said...

They are already growing up! We need to come by and see them....if that is okay!!! They are sooo cute!


Marc and Stacy said...

Such beautiful pictures! Your girls are all gorgeous! I still can't get over how much Brynn looks like you and Bailey looks like Scott. I really hope we get to come up and see you soon! Love ya!

Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

Adorable pictures. My favorite is the one where Scott is holding them in his arms. That came out really good. The girls are getting so big. It's like looking at you and Scott in the form of 2 cuties. Hope all is well with you all.