Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Pictures

I'd better post this before someone starts screaming again;) We got home from the hospital last night. It's been nice being home, but last night was really rough with the twins. As soon as one stopped crying it seems like the other one started. I think we're in for a difficult couple of months with little sleep.

Anyway, here are a couple of more pictures of the twins. They truly look nothing alike. Brynn is long and skinny and Bailey is short and has chubby cheeks. They are so sweet and I absolutely LOVE the smell of their breath! YUM!

Hannah, Brynn, and Bailey with Grandma and Grandpa Meyer


This is kind of a weird looking picture of her, but it's a close up.


Hannah the big sister!

I've noticed that the babies already have different personalities. Bailey is more laid back and doesn't need to be held all the time. She's an excellent breast feeder, too. Brynn cries a lot and likes to be held. She's getting the whole breast feeding thing down but is still having a little bit of trouble latching on. She often gets so upset that it's difficult to get her to latch.

Hannah has been adjusting okay. Actually, she's been pretty good for all of the changes that have been going on in her life recently. She does love to clobber the babies, which is typical. I think she's starting to get a bit jealous of them, too. I found her sucking on one of the baby's binkies and rocking herself in their bouncer. We're working on being very patient with her, though. Anyway, that's all that I can write for now, but hopefully we'll continue to post more pictures when we find the time and energy.


Jen said...

Thanks for posting! It's exhausting having one baby, I can't imagine two (plus a two year old). I wish I could help somehow.

They are so cute! I love them already.

Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

Congrats!!! The girls are cuties. Who would you say they look like? I'm glad that all went well for you during labor. You guys have a beautiful family. Maybe we'll get to see you when we visit Utah in September.

kerrie said...

Beautiful babies! I wish I were there to hold them. I hope Brynn becomes a pro at breastfeeding soon. I know how exhausting and stressful it can be when your baby isn't getting it.

I'm so glad the twins are finally here and healthy. I can't wait to see you all in October.

MOM said...

I miss you all and think of you every day. My prayers are with you that all goes well with the breastfeeding and babies sleeping well so that mom and dad can get some zzzzz's. See you all soon. love ya Mom

barbarawin said...

Such beautiful babies; and Hannah is an adorable big sister!