Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Here I Grow...

My mom asked me to post a picture of my belly every couple of weeks since she won't get to see me until April. So, I plan on doing this for her and also for my own personal records since I'm growing so quickly. I will probably take the picture in this same place because the lighting is better outside than in our apartment, and this is about the only yard we've got that's not still covered in snow. So here you go.....13 and a half weeks:

Yup, that's a maternity shirt that I'm wearing. The first one that was busted out this week. I can fit into most of my smaller maternity shirts, but I pretty much just wear my regular shirts that aren't tight fitting right now. Luckily, I can still fit into all of my jeans, but I must admit that the buttons are starting to get tight. Boo.

I also tried on some of my other maternity clothes today and realized that I look like a tent wearing them. Seriously, if I were kneeling down I think Hannah could make a fort under some of those shirts. Why do they have to make maternity shirts with that shape? They are so unflattering. I will not be wearing those ones for awhile, hopefully, because they make me feel like I'm 8 months pregnant. At the stage that I'm at, it's cute to be pregnant. In about 2 months from now, it won't be so cute anymore. Then the tent clothing will make its appearance.
Hannah wanted to take a picture with me. I love this little girl!

Along with posting pictures, I thought I would also post some fun things about pregnancy for my own records and for your enjoyment.

Cravings: Depends on the day. Today it was crackers with sliced American cheese on them. When I was really sick, all I could get down for days in a row was Cup-O-Noodle. Most of my cravings are foods that have no nutritional value, sadly. Other things I've craved so far- corn dogs, a big jelly donut (which I haven't had yet), french fries with fry sauce, frozen burritos dipped in Pace salsa, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, mashed potatoes with gravy, and Icees.

Turn Offs: All vegetables and big slabs of meat (mostly beef). Even the smell of beef still makes me a bit sick, which is sad because one of my favorite foods is a nice juicy steak with A1. It's also sad that all vegetables are gross to me right now because those good nutrients would be nice for the babies and me. I have to force them down.

Weight Gain: 0 pounds

Movements: I've felt the babies in there, but not quite full on kicks yet. They are still tiny.

Also, I am changing my due date to July 25th. The doctor told me that they take twins via C-section 2 weeks early if they haven't already come. So no matter what, these babies will not be born after July 25th.


The Kradolfers said...

I don't know how you are going to fit twins in that tiny frame of yours! You look Adorable, with a capital A. I never craved anything healthy either...Andre loved it cause I always wanted fast food (so not me) unfortunately my bad preggy habits have not dissipated with the pregnancy. Oh and I've been wanting to tell you that every time i am looking at your blog and andre walks by he comments on how adorable hannah is. And now you get two more!

Marc and Stacy said...

Seriously, I don't think anyone's ever been cuter pregnant than you!!! You look gorgeous. You haven't gained a pound?? You are amazing. I loved reading about all your cravings. I SO craved an Icee. When I come up at the end of March, we are going to go get Icee's and fries with fry-sauce. I miss that stuff! :)
Love you, girl!

RachelBarker said...

BIG FAT WOW! You look great, I guess those corn dogs are working. yum. Maybe one day we'll catch each other on the phone. I'll try tomorrow afternoon.

Mom said...

Oh boy, you are growing in leaps and bounds! Very cute. When I was pregnant with David I craved cream doughnuts and salami sandwiches. Really healthy. No wonder he has problems with his stomach! J/K With Kerrie it was peas and with you it was watermelon. At least those are more healthy. Have a great week. Love ya and keep those pictures coming. :) Mom

Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

That's funny how you and I have the same due date. I have no weight gain either and I crave nothing healthy. So does Hannah like playing with your belly yet?

Price family said...

Maran, you look ADORABLE!!!!I still can't believe you are having twins!I must say, you are ALL babies!When do you find out the sex of the babies?Do you have any mother intuition about what you are carring?

Cori said...

Oh Maran! Your Belly! 13 weeks? You are so CUTE CUTE CUTE. Love it. And yes, we must hang out... immediately.

Cori said...

ps. I craved donuts on Carter and sent Craig all over the place looking for them for me. He he.

Maran said...

Ew, Mom, how could you have craved peas when you were pregnant? Peas are disgusting either way.

Teresa- Hannah kisses my belly before bed almost every night. She doesn't really play with it, though.

Jill- We find out the sex in March, probably March 19th or 20th. About the intuition, I'll post that on my next pregnancy post:)