Tuesday, February 24, 2009

16 and a Half Weeks

Some days I don't feel like I've grown much, and then I look at these pictures that I post on this blog and realize that I've grown.....A LOT.....in the past 3 weeks. These babies are growing like little weeds. Today I had my 16 week appointment. I was able to hear their heartbeats again, which was a relief. It took the nurse almost a minute to find the second heartbeat and I about started to panic. But, no worries, she found it. Anyway, here's the picture from today:

Here are some of my fun facts about this pregnancy:

Cravings- To be honest, I really haven't had too many cravings lately. The things that I crave the most are probably popsicles and Icees.

Weight gain to date- 4 pounds

Sickness- I believe the morning sickness is about over. I still feel a bit nauseous when I wake up, but I haven't thrown up for about 4 days. It has been WONDERFUL!! However, I have been feeling a lot of braxton hicks contractions. They happen often and are usually accompanied by dizziness, but that's okay. The nurse told me that I was going to get that a lot more with twins. As long as my babies are safe, I will be happy with whatever I have to go through to get them here.

Movements- I have been feeling the babies a lot over the last few days. Unfortunately it's not hard enough for anyone to be able to feel them on the outside of my tummy, but I feel them on the inside. It feels like tiny little finger flicks from the inside. It's fun!

Mother's Intuition- Well, I'd like to say that I have this awesome intuition about what sex my babies are going to be, but I don't. I was convinced that Hannah was a boy because I had several dreams about a little boy that looked like Scott. So basically my intuition sucks. If I had to make a guess, though, I would say that these babies are two girls. The only reason I am guessing this is because I am basing if off of a couple of myths. The first is that with girls, you tend to get more morning sickness than you do with boys. I have heard this with many women who have had a girl first and then a boy next, but I also know of many women who have gotten just as sick or even more sick when they were pregnant with a boy. Secondly, both of these babies' heartbeats are incredibly fast, and there is a myth out there that states that girls' heartbeats are faster than boys'. So, this is why I am guessing that they are two girls, but I am probably wrong. I really have no clue. My appointment to find out the sex of the babes is scheduled on March 19th at 12pm, but I'm going to call and see if I can change it to the 17th tomorrow. You better believe that the first thing I do when I get home from that appointment is blog:)

Finally, I just wanted to let you all know that I am having a baby shower in Sacramento on April 18th. We are mostly just inviting family and a couple of friends, but if you would like to come to it, please email me and let me know, even if I don't know that you check my blog. The more the merrier! My email is maralar@hotmail.com.


tyler and emily said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, besides the braxton hicks. I can't believe you've only gained 4 lbs! I've gained 3 lbs and I only have 1 baby. Haha. You look great though. You are only baby (well...babies).
I haven't felt any movements yet and I'm getting really anxious!
I've read some of those myths too, and if there's any truth in them I'll be having a girl, but we'll find out March 16. What were your babies' heartbeats?
Wow, I'm going on and on!
I can't wait to find out what you guys are having. How exciting!

leslie jo said...

looking soo cute and only 4 lbs AWESOME! So fun! That is cool you can feel them. I am glad you are feeling better and that is fun you get to go home and have a shower with family. Take care

RachelBarker said...

Ok! I've never been prego but seriously YOU LOOK SO DANG GOOD!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to find out what the sex will be of both. I'm so happy for you. And if you have to many people at the shower I understand but I would love to come!!!!!

Marc and Stacy said...

You look awesome! So cute! If an icee or popsicle would keep in the mail without melting, I'd be sending one your way! :)

Count me in for the shower...wouldn't miss it. And of course, if your mom or Julia need any help, I'd love to help with it! Let me know!

Brenner Family said...

You look SO cute! I cant wait to hear what you are having! I would LOVE to come to the shower! If you have too many people I understand completley, but still would love to come! hehe

Mom said...

Maran, you look great. So glad the morning sickness is over. I had worse morning sickness with David than with the girls. So, the old wive's tale isn't true with me. But I also feel like you are having two girls. After that maybe a boy and a girl but I'll be flabbergasted if you have two boys! Anyone who wants to can come to the shower. I just need a number so we can plan for it. Love ya Mom

Kerrie said...

Ahh..you look so cute! And I want a phone call the moment you walk out of the doctor's office after finding out the sexes. I'm soooo excited for you. I hate that I'm so far away. I would LOVE to go to your shower, but as of right now, I don't think I'll be able to make it. I'll be there in spirit :). I'm glad you are starting to feel better.

Hollie said...

I remember craving slurpees from 7-11 with Taylor. They helped my nauseousness and quenched my thirst. My guess is that you're having two girls also. But I'm hardly ever right with other people. If I were carrying them for you, I could tell you what they are :). I was right with all four of mine. I can't wait to find out what they are.

The Kradolfers said...

This is random, but your post reminded me of Twilight... :) and how Bella is always having dreams about a baby boy that looks like Edward, but then she has reneesme. You look great! Remember, two is twice as fun, right!

JIll said...

You look so ADORABLE!!! Only 4 pounds, that is awesome!I craved Icees all the time with both my kids.That and pineapple I just wanted juicy cold stuff.