Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar Plum! I am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED to have you!

I know I said that I wouldn't blog for awhile, but it's my husband's 27th birthday today, so I must blog! Actually, it's almost 1am on his birthday but I can't sleep, so I'm blogging. I figured for his birthday I would list the top 27 reasons why I love him.

1. His InCrEdIBLy HOT angel looking face
2. His body is WAY more chiseled than your husband’s
3. He is AmAZingLY spiritual. He cries almost every Sacrament Meeting and everyone in the ward thinks that he is going to be a GA (general authority). In fact, they usually go to him for advice rather than the Bishop.
4. He is SO athletic and is the BEST EVER at basketball, football, soccer, golf, baseball, water polo, whirlyball, running, eating contests, boxing, and dancing.
5. Everyone thinks he is the funniest person they have EVER met. Just the other day he was doing stand-up comedy at the front of his class and had everyone rolling 4-Ever!
6. Seriously the hottest eyes I’ve ever seen.
7. He cooks and cleans all the time and waits on me hand and foot
8. He doodles my name with a heart around it EVERYWHERE. In fact, his school notebook is full of them rather than notes he’s supposed to be taking.
9. He’s seriously the SmArTeSt person ALIVE. He’s totally going to make more money than any of you will.
10. Romantic- every night before bed I find flower peddles from our living room all the way to our bedroom with a HUGE bouquet of flowers waiting for me on our bed. Candles are usually lit as well throughout the house. What? Your husband doesn't do this for you? Oh, sad day....he must not love you as much as my husband loves me.
11. WAY straighter and whiter teeth than anything you’ve EVER seen.
12. Buys me gifts and presents just because
13. SOOO loyal- he never EVER looks at other women. He stares at my BEAUTIFUL face the entire time we are out together.
14. He can read a 500 page book in less than an hour
15. EVERY girl wants him but can’t have him…too bad for them he wanted MY awesome self.
16. He doesn’t have a single bad habit.
17. EVERY little child wants him as a daddy because he’s THE BEST!! They often cry when they have to go back to their own lame-o daddys.
18. He texts me every 5 minutes on the dot to tell me that he LOVES me.
19. He writes the BEST poetry EVER.
20. He ALWAYZ has a small bottle of bug spray in his back pocket because he knows that I HATE bugs.
21. Gives hundreds of dollars to charities because he feels sorry for poor, ugly people.
22. He has the cutest clothes EVER made with the BEST name brands.
23. He tells me 102 times a day that I’m way prettier than EVERYONE.
24. He stays up late EVERY night to snuggle with me and listen to me let off steam.
25. He takes me horse-back riding near the ocean AT LEAST once a month
26. BEST handy man EVER! He built an entire house once in less time than those guys on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
27. He watches shows with me like The Bachelorette and cries with me because he knows that we are supposed to “Mourn with those that mourn,” and plus DeAnna chose the wrong guy with that disgustingly crooked nose, so who wouldn’t mourn?

Okay, I know what you are thinking, ‘What in the world is going on here?’ Well, thanks to my friend Kate, I have been checking out this blog (if you have extra time I would suggest reading a few of her posts) a couple of times a week that basically makes fun of young Mormon couples who blog about how perfect their lives are. I have read a few blogs like the ones that she is making fun of (none of yours, of course) so I find her blog HILARIOUS. So, even though I believe a lot of the above things about my husband are true, this was an extreme over-exaggeration. I do love him, though, and I think he is great. Happy birthday to my sweet, hot, funny, smart, compassionate, loyal, spiritual, athletic husband! Please give him a shout out!!


Jen said...

Wow- I thought you were describing Thayne! We are seriously so blessed to have the BeSt HuSbAndS EVER!

Seriously- you should be a guest blogger over there.

Happy birthday Scott!! Hope your day is great! And we really do think your AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born - you will always be my "small bear", and I will always love you to death! You are a wonderful son, and I am grateful everyday that I was allowed to be your mother. You are one of the greatest blessing in my life.

Hope you are having a great day -


Joe and Angela said...

That blog is so funny! Seriously, the best ever.

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Jed and Kate said...

Happy Birthday Scott! Maran, I LOVE your post! Isn't that blog HILARIOUS?! It was so much fun seeing you guys this weekend! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Wendi said...

Happy birthday Scott! Hope you guys get to go celebrate!

Marc and Stacy said...

K, I was reading this going, "What the heck. This is so not Maran to write this." Even though I'm sure many of the things are true...:) Happy Birthday Scott!!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read #4 I knew it was bogus.
~Randy S.

Anonymous said...

I was believing it but thought wow, Maran you are being kinda rude to everyone elses' husband. By the end I thought, What drugs are you on!!! Thank you for making me laugh as the joke was on me. We love Scott. He is truly a gem. :) Happy Birthday Scott. Momma Donna

kerrie said...

Happy Birthday Scotty! I feel SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED to be your sis-in-law!

Esther Noelle said...

Dang it! I should've noticed the title of the post! I was a little confused!! Ha ha ha! That blog is hilarious. Good job! And very happy birthday to you, Scott!!!